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Oct 22, 2012 05:06 PM

Quiche, lightened up

Question for the cooks - how can quiche be lightened up? I was looking at last Wed's NYT dining articles, where they were talking about quiche, but their short pastry crust was a cup of flour, a stick of butter.

I love quiche, but I can't afford those sort of calories. Anyone have ideas?

Please don't say scrambled eggs!!! :)

Is there any decent no crust, or reduced guilt crust that can be used? I know I can sub milk for cream in the filling, and limit myself to veg and lean protein rather than cheese.

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  1. I do crust less quiches. I've used a variety of recipes for this.

    1. just omit the crust. you don't need it and this spares calories for a more delicious filling.

      eta: i also now always use ruhlman's ratio and slow-cook, water-bath method for quiche. it becomes a rich savory custard.

      1. I use lots of vegetables, drop the meat (keep the cheese!!) and make it a frittata instead of a quiche.

        But I don't like pie crusts.

        1. Also, less eggs, more vegetables.

          1. So what really is the diff between a no crust quiche and a frittata?

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                i don't use milk or cream in a frittata.