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Marriott Burlington - anything decent near by ?

Will stay at the Marriott Burlington for business without a car - are there are decent restaurants near by for dinner within walking distance ?

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  1. Summer Winter inside the hotel is quite good. I think it unfairly gets labeled as a 'hotel restaurant' when it is actually owned and operated by a James Beard winning duo.


    I bet the free hotel shuttle would take you to L'Andana. It's about a half mile away and is outstanding.


    Enjoy your stay.

    1. Blue Stove is in Burlington Mall's Nordstrom, and gets good reviews on this board. It is noted for small plates. I've had very good short ribs there. There's a Chipotle, B.Good, and a yogurt place in a little strip on the other side of Mall Rd., between the Marriott and the Mall. Tavern on the Square (apparently a chain) just opened opposite Chipotle. There's a Wendy's a little further down, opposite the Mall. Also a Southwestern restaurant whose name I can't remember. On the same road as L'Andana, but south, on the other side of rt 128, there are small malls with Paparazzi's, Panera, and Outback. Just a little farther are Cafe Escadrille and Bickford's. I'm guesstimating that the farthest is not more than a mile from the hotel.

      1. There's the Legal in the Mail itself for seafood. You could walk to the Border Cafe and Macaroni Grill, both chains. And if you have a hotel shuttle, there's a Capitol Grille not far away. But nothing walkable that's really unique, I think..

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          That particular Legal is just awful.

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            I've learned to stick to the raw bar and a fish sandwich. Best deal on cherrystones in the area - always well shucked and ice cold - with some decent beer selections to go along with it.

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              I've definitely got pretty toasted at the bar here while the girl shops. Nowhere else at the mall is really good for that...maybe Flay's burger place whenever that opens.

        2. Yes, give Summer/Winter in the hotel a try. It is owned by Mark and Clark who own the acclaimed Arrows restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine (also MC Perkins in Ogunquit.) They have a little greenhouse at the Marriott where they grow some herbs and vegetables. The first time I went to Summer/Winter it was really good, the second time it was somewheat underwhelming. But, since you are there it is definitely worth a try.

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            Don't miss the "Strange Flavored Eggplant" appetizer at Summer Winter.

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              I agree with the recommendation for Summer/Winter. Another place worth visiting is New Jang Su BBQ (https://plus.google.com/1124064630018...), which is just under two miles up route 3A from the Burlington Marriott. Excellent option for Korean barbecue cooked at-table.

              I see that the original poster is now looking for recommendation near a different hotel instead, but I thought it was worth adding this tip for others who may happen upon this thread later.

            2. I've never been, but people on this board seem to think the Indian place in the Burlington Mall food court is two or three steps above most food court food.

              1. I'll second a few and add a couple...

                Lester's is a very good BBQ joint about 3 miles up 3A. Ask the shuttle driver nicely. They serve beer and have a TV or two so you can sit and eat there, but it's mostly a takeout place.

                Blue Stove is great for interesting small plates. Really unexpected quality and taste for a restaurant inside a Nordstrom. 1 mile to the mall

                Tavern on the Square is a good bar. It's a small chain with a lively crowd and quite average bar food. Stick to the basics. Less than a mile.

                Gourmet India is indeed very good Indian takeout. Everything is well prepared and flavorful. After writing that, I'll probably grab lunch there. 1 mile to the mall.

                L'Andana is an easy restaurant to recommend. I've referred to their steak with a starter of pasta bolognese as one of my favorite meals anywhere. Great bread and decent bar for a solo trip. Expensive. A half mile, but not the nicest walk.

                Masa is about 3 miles south on route 3 and is a really good Southwestern restaurant. Another easy recommendation. Ask the shuttle driver nicely.

                B. Good is a local burger chain that focuses on farm to table meats and veggies. It's pretty good and in the same plaza as Chipotle, Starbucks, and a very generic Froyo place. Less than a mile.

                1. Thanks a lot to everybody. Very helpful answers that give me some hope that there is some good food around.

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                    As someone mentioned, the hotel shuttle can be very helpful for places a bit further like L'Andana (I've had great dinners there though some colleagues recently had a horrible client business dinner experience, though admittedly during Restaurant Week.) Be forewarned that the Middlesex Turnpike road is not the easiest place to navigate on foot, even if the distances aren't too far. It's a four (six?) lane road, and there aren't always crosswalks and intersections. If you stay on Mall Rd you can walk to the Burlington Mall without needing to cross any big streets.

                    I'll second Summer/Winter; there's also a standard Irish pub in the hotel that is perfectly reasonable.

                  2. Just found out the meeting will take at anothe place and I will be staying at the The Westin Waltham Boston - same question as before what are good places within walking distance of the hotel (I am open to any cuisine)

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                      Green Papaya (http://www.greenpapayawaltham.com/, 475 Winter Street, Waltham) is the closest restaurant to the Westin Waltham that I can recommend. It's not my favorite Thai restaurant, but it's reasonably good. Unfortunately, the area around the Westin is not well-suited to walking; the small shopping center that houses Green Papaya is across both Winter Street and Route 128/95, and there is various construction at that intersection that makes it a bit dicey for walking.

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                        yeah, that immediate area has little for restaurants let alone good ones, and as said isn't very walkable. But downtown Waltham has lots of choices. You could probably get a cab from the Westin or maybe there will be someone at your meeting with a car who wants to go. Or maybe the hotel shuttle will go downtown.

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                          Within walking distance of the Westin you have Green Papaya -ok thai, Sato - mediocre chinese and good sushi, and Bertuccies in one plaza. And on the other side of 95 is Naked Fish - Cubanish? Seafood. And there's always Costco for cheap hotdogs and pizza. ;-) Contstruction is pretty much finished in the area so its easier to get around than a previous poster mentioned. Anything else in Waltham you will have take a cab or hotel shuttle.