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Oct 22, 2012 04:34 PM

It's Never Too Early Home Made Holiday Food Gifts

NOT looking for cookies or candies. Looking for savory or off-beat.

Here's a link to one of last year's suggestions thread. Personally, I'm not keen on soup or hot cocoa in a jar ideas because they either need too many expensive items for the recipient to buy and/or they don't taste good.

I'm totally curious about the CURRY SAUCE suggestion, though . Any recipe that could be canned would be appreciated.

Before the season is over, I plan to put up some jars of whole Seckel pears (or Bartlett's in slices) in lightly sweeten white rum.

Have done cocktail cookies. Delicious but they don't keep very long.

Please chime in for something new and interesting.

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  1. The Limoncello we made last year was a BIG hit. Onion marmalade and lemon curd have both become regular things for me, both well received. The ginger jelly I made never set up so it got relabelled Ginger Syrup and my MIL has asked for it again this year.....

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      1. re: happybaker

        Ginger jelly is my all-time favorite jelly. Sorry it didn't set up for you this time, but the syrup version has many uses, including as a glaze on a fruit tart or as a sweetener for ice tea.

        Please post your recipe for onion marmalade.

        1. re: nemo

          The better the individual ingredients, the better the results.

      2. Preserved lemons. I use David Leibowitz's method-- available through Google. They're beautiful to look at, and even better to eat. They enhance just about anything vegetable or chicken, and I find myself just kind of eating them.

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        1. re: monfrancisco

          Am I too late to preserve these for holiday gifts? I'll check out Leibowitz. But thank you in the interim!

          1. re: monfrancisco

            Are these the lemons of which you speak? I've been meaning to make preserved lemons but haven't gotten around to it.


            Nemo, looks like you'd have time to do these for holiday gifts.

            1. re: tcamp

              Yes, these are they, and yes, plenty of time. Hope you like them!

          2. Spiced or candied nuts? Homemade crackers?

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            1. re: sandylc

              Yes and yes. Thanks for the input. I've never done crackers, but I should try them as opposed to the softer cocktail cookie things. Good suggestion.

            2. In the past I've done --

              - vanilla extract (now would be a perfect time to start them)
              - homemade spice blends
              - mulled wine kit (bottle of drinkable red wine + satchel of mulling spices and an orange, all packed up nicely)
              - homemade ferments of various kinds
              - cookies, ofc

              I'm thinking of doing the homemade spiced hot chocolate this year, in ganache form -- much tastier than the standard cocoa powder mixed with sugar form, and is how I always make hot chocolate myself at home anyway. Downside is it won't keep that long.

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              1. re: delickwent

                Thank you for reminding me, D. I have vanilla beans. I'm thinking dark rum vs. vodka. Your thoughts? Also what do you mean by ferments?

                Please post a recipe for your ganache chocolate drops.

                1. re: delickwent

                  A friend gifted me some homemade vanilla extract-- 3 split beans in a 375mL bottle of Smirnoff 90.4 proof vodka. He had actually forgotten about it so by the time he gave it to me it had steeped for over 2 years and it is amazing. I do not use it for regular baking, only use it for "special" applications.

                2. My family clamors for Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Easy enough to make and doesn't add to their clutter.

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                  1. re: smtucker

                    if you want to start making that marmalade, i just spotted the 4-lb containers of Meyers at Costco - first time i've seen them this season. i think they were $6.49...?

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      That is always my cue! I buy those tubs at costco and start slicing. Thanks for the alert. Been too busy this week to get over there.