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Oct 22, 2012 04:30 PM

Need help cooking for my SO while I am away!

I am heading off on a holiday without my husband. Part of the deal is that I leave him with dinners to eat while I am away.

It will be 9 dinners needed. He is not opposed to leftovers, but probably only 1 days worth. Ideally I am thinking casseroles that he can take out in the morning to thaw and throw in the oven when he gets home from work. I will have to buy some of those foil containers for this. I will have only one day to get all the dinners together. While he doesn't need anything fancy or creative, he still wants to feel my food love while I am away! He will have no problem throwing together a salad to go with, but meat and starch should be included. PS. we have no microwave oven....

some initial thoughts:
pot pie
shepard's pie

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  1. I did all three of your suggestions (in small foil pans,) for friends of ours that had a baby. They were very well received, they said they heated up great (I wrote the reheating instructions on the paper side of the foil/paper top and put it instruction side up.)

    I also did mac and cheese (you can add a meat mixed in,) and a pasta with sauteed veggies in a cream cheese sauce (rotini or bowtie or some other small shape.) Just oversauce any pasta options since they tend to soak up a lot of it.

    I think we did three weeks worth of dinners for them so we did a couple pans of each figuring they could rotate so they didn't get tired of anything.

    1. I'm in the exact same boat! Leaving for 3 weeks without poor fiance, who will have to fend for himself! So far I've only got these delicious lamb meatballs, but would love other ideas as well!

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        1. Enchiladas
          Sloppy Joe filling

          1. My SO loves when I leave him with pasta bakes. Nothing fancy. He likes things like rigatoni and meatballs topped with provolone cheese or butternut squash mushrooms and cheese ravioli in an cabanara sauce. I just leave it in a casserole pan for him to portion up.

            He also likes soups. A loaded Hot and Sour, Waikiki Oxtail soup, or turkey with autumn vegetables. I pre-portion these so he just has to heat up a bowl and not the container.