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Best Fried Rice?

I wasn't a fan of fried rice until I tried - and loved - Mission Chinese Food's salted cod version with Chinese sausage and egg.

I'm now curious to hear about any other favorites. Has anyone tried RedFarm's fried rice?

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  1. Young Chow at Zoodletown

    1. blue ribbon sushi has an oxtail fried rice with bone marrow omelet. comes with a spicy sauce on the side that cuts the fatty rice very well. well worth a try.

      barmasa has a roast duck fried rice with sauteed foie gras which is excellent. their shrimp fried rice is pretty great as well.

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          great suggestion with the oxtail fried rice. one of my favorite dishes. i think it's a relative bargain compared to the rest of the blue ribbon sushi menu.

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          barmasa roast duck, etc. fried rice sounds interesting. Might be too rich . . .

        3. Salt fish and chicken fried rice at NY Noodletown or even better at Yuen Yuen.

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              I like the salty fish and diced chicken fried rice at Big Wong's.

            2. Not a Manhattan rec, but I think the scallion and egg fried rice at Spicy & Tasty in Flushing is terrific.

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                Agree with Spicy & Tasty, their salt fish fried rice is also wonderful, rather curious, since it is basically Southern Chinese). But fr Manhattan, if one doesn't care about decor, would stick with Yuen Yuen (which BTW now as an English language menu, though they don't translate the weird stuff like the deer penis and rattle snake). Their fried rice is perfect, not greasy at all, and texturally ideal. And super cheap.

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                  I'll have to try Spicy and Tasty.

                  My Filipina girlfriend keeps talking about fried rice with crab roe, or taba ng talangka, with lots of garlic, but doesn't know of any restaurant in NYC that serves it.

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                    As long as we're in Flushing, I'll plug my favorite: the Golden Thread House Special at Canton Gourmet.

                2. it's nothing crazy but the ground pork and chicken fried rice at yunnan kitchen has these pickled chive blossoms in it that give the dish these faintly sour pops that i find very addictive

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                    Lotus Blue has very good fried rice that sounds similar to yunnan Kitchen they describe it as follows: Ground Pork And Yunnan Pickled Turnip Fried Rice * aromatic ground pork, yunnan pickled turnip, red sweet pepper, green chili, garlic chives, mint, basil and cilantro

                    I have never had bad Young Chow Fried Rice , i had some tonite in NJ. It's my favorite,

                    Filipino garlic rice is good, but not exciting and not for all tastes.

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                      What is bagoong rice on the Maharlika menu?

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                        it's a pork fried rice enhanced with a lot of what seems like a mix of mango chutney and mango pickle combined. more salty than sweet. i think there may be shrimp paste (or some sort of seafood-derived condiment) in there as well.

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                          Bagoong is Filipino shrimp paste, more like Chinese Haam Ha (xian xia) than like Malaysian belacan or Indonesian trassi (much saltier and less fermented). IMO a better shrimp paste fried rice is to be had at Sripaphai made wit Thai kapi, much like belacan.

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                            Did you have the bagoong rice at Maharlika Swannee? you say a better version is at Sripaphai. There is a Filipino Bagoong Fried rice which is like the Thai Khao Krok Kapi. The rice is sometimes fried with pork and sugar and bagoong alarming (salted fermented shrimp paste) and maybe green mango and some patis .(fish sauce) thai nam pla. I haven't had it at Sripapahi and I surely will, and it is probably better than the one at Maharlika, I don't remember the bagoong rice at Maharlika being fried at all. So I'm not sure they make it right. I did have it once there and once at Sa Aming a Nayon, and it was not made right there either. The Thai version is spicier also. So its sweet sour and spicy, salty,, the one at Maharlika i remember as only being salty.

                    2. I dont eat fried rice very often but the most memorable one I had was at Nom Wah Tea Parlor

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                        It's not bad providing you like the frozen peas and carrots, greasy variety. Sometimes that hits the spot.

                      2. I will go out on a limb here and say some of the best "fried rice" really isnt traditional fried rice. Its in a very hot ceramic bowl of Dolsot bimbimbop. With just cooked rice on top qnd the really crunchy stuff at the bottom. All mixed with veggies, some meat, a fried egg and hot sauce. Served with a long spoon and sit back....

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                          well, that's a mighty fine dish. and maybe a "fried rice" as well. when the bottom is crisped right, and you get the broth at the end, that's one lovely cold weather meal. do you have any particular favorite places?

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                            my personal favorite is Danji's bacon chorizo kimchi paella. it's pretty much a kimchi fried rice but the soccarat makes a world of a difference.. the jidori hen egg seals the deal!.

                        2. Most of the suggestions here tend to focus on the different types of add-ons put together with the fried rice. I'm curious what recs are there for technique? Of course high quality ingredients would be nice, but I'm more interested in good wok hei, the right moisture level, and the quality of the rice itself.

                          1. The fried rice (with duck, tonkatsu and sweet potato) at Ma Peche is tasty.

                            1. Chinese sausage fried rice at Yunnan Kitchen.

                              1. The fried rice at Hakkasan is excellent.

                                1. Kao Pat Pu - Traditional Crab Fried Rice with Egg, Cilantro & Lime at Uncle Boons. Delicious.

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                                    I agree that the fried rice at Uncle Boon is very delicious.
                                    I also like the fried rice with pickled turnips at Lotus Blue, and the fried rice at Red Farm is good too. As I think about it, I love fried rice I also like the Yung Chow Fried rice at Golden Unicorn and the Kale Fried Rice at Ngam

                                  2. Fried Rice Hunan Style at Hunan Manor. I have no idea what's in it, but it's spicy, smoky and addictive.