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Oct 22, 2012 03:33 PM

Looking for one outstanding sushi meal, a Cantonese seafood meal, and a dim sum meal

Hi there,
We are staying in downtown Vancouver for a couple of days and are looking for specifically the following:
- Sushi, omakase ok or a la carte
- Seafood dinner (Cantonese style) blow your mind type
- Dim sum lunch
We are three people - one from Singapore, one from NYC, and the other from SF. We have a rental car so willing to drive for yumminess.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Miko on Robson is also good for a la carte (be sure to order from the dinner menu only and ask for what is best that day).

      I don't know of any "blow your mind" Cantonese in Vancouver or Richmond. Maybe the new Sea Harbour?

      I've been enjoying Kirin on Cambie and Dynasty for dim sum but again do manage your expectations re any cuisines here, really.

      1. re: grayelf

        Sea Harbour or Kirin for Chinese Seafood. Big Chef if you like crab (get the salty egg yolk "golden crab").

        We have a lot of decent sushi here but I can't think of any great sushi. Miko ( with an "o") would be my choice downtown. Minami is a modern sushi place that will appall traditionalists : modern brushes and sauces that use mustard, jellies, that sort of thing...and of course - aburi. I go there for lunch on the occasion.

    2. If you want to try some sushi that is different and quite special - Miku serves aburi sushi, as does it's sister restaurant Minami ( I haven't been to Minami yet). Aburi sushi is "smoked" lightly after it is made, and is really fantastic.

      I find Miku a little expensive for dinner, and much more reasonably priced at lunch. also, the desserts there are pretty mediocore.

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      1. re: tbutter

        I love the aburi salmon at Miku but have never had anything else there I would return for, and you're absolutely right about the desserts -- really meh. The OP could scarf down some aburi salmon and then head over to Bella Gelateria for some pretty outstanding if pricey gelato. Love their citrus sorbet flavours especially.

        1. re: tbutter

          In fairness to the dessert at Miku, I think some cultural context is in order.

          When most desserts at the majority of Japanese restaurants in Greater Vancouver come from Mario's Gelati, Miku is a step up since at least it's not just green tea or mango ice cream.

          In fact I'm trying to think of Japanese restaurants that offer up more than just Green Tea Ice Cream and all I can think of are the Guus and Kingyo (Both Izakaya's) and Tojo's.

          Could it be better? Yes it's doesn't compare to western high end restaurants like Blue Water, & Yew or patisseries like Thierry. However, dessert at the end of the meal is customary in western cuisine, so the standards are higher.

          I'm pretty sure dessert after sushi is not the tradition and a result most places serve ice cream which is ironic as a lot people of Japanese and Chinese people are lactose intolerant. So who's the ice cream for?

          I think it's great that Miku has a pastry chef on site, I hope more sushi restaurants follow and the dessert quality gets better. Actually what I really wish is for Chinese Restaurants to start paying attention to dessert and stop serving red bean soup even if it is catering to Western palates (but that is another thread).