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Goat: any favorite recipes/preps?

Well, Greenling has some TX goat and it'll be in my hands Wednesday afternoon, so excited! I love goat dishes in restaurants but have never done my own. Getting 2# stew meat and a couple of shanks.

I have a number of ideas and am certainly searching the web for more recipes (have already checked out CH), but just wondering if anyone has a pet recipe or favored addition/flavoring?

(I'm very comfortable with lamb and can apply those ideas also, but was looking for goatniks too. :)

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  1. I have made loin chops but never stew meat or shank. So I can't offer specific advice. What I can say is goat is very lean and it is prone to drying out if overcooked. I think moist heat is likely to get good results.

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      Good info. Crockpots are already standing by. :)

    2. Curry goat Jamaican style with peas,rice and fried plantain.Washed down with a Stripe.

      1. Search online for a recipe for Seco de Chivo. It's an ecuadorian dish of goat braised in beer with cilantro, tomatoes, peppers and other spices. I've used shanks in it before but stew meat would also work.

        1. The Filipino goat stew known as kaldereta/caldereta will blow your socks off if you enjoy slow-coked flavors. The tangy and rich tomato sauce which should blanket your stew meat is enriched with a little liver, which adds layers of flavor and body.

          1. A friend of mine from Greece makes a recipe similar to this; she does not omit the cinnamon, uses olive oil and copious oregano!


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              There is a Vietnamese goat curry that is very soupy and can be served over noodles or with rice or bread. Very tasty. Whatever you do, note that goat takes hours and hours to become tender.

            2. In the cookbook "My Calabria", last month's COTM, there's a recipe for a goat ragu to be used with a cut macaroni called Fusilli but I simply ladled it over polenta. It's very easy to make - it's just a meat sauce after all - and full of delicious flavor. The goat meat was succulent with a lean mild taste. The sauce was piquant and complex. We loved it...

              When I made it I used meaty bone-in hind shank butchered into about 1 1/2 inch chunks. You need about 3 lbs. Either shoulder or I think even ground goat could be used. The other ingredients are: basil, tomato paste, canned tomatoes crushed, a smidge of tomato paste, crushed red pepper flakes, Pecorino Romano.

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                See if you can have the shanks sliced so you can make osso bucco . . . you won't regret it!

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                  Ropa Vieja (sp).

                  I was in cuba recently and had this - they said it was lamb - but I saw tons of goats and no sheep - so I'm thinking it was likely goat - it was damn good too. I would just adapt a recipe that uses beef if you can't find one online...

                  Come to think of it - I wish I had some goat becuase the dish was outta this world good... have fun.

              2. Lovely suggestions, all. Meats delivered today. Am still ruminating on prep. (Hah! Ruminating.)

                Approx 8# of ovicaprids:
                (Clockwise from upper left: leg of lamb segment, ground lamb, goat shank, goat shank, goat stew meat, goat stew meat.)

                Plan on splitting one of the goat stew meat packages tomorrow to prep in slow cooker.

                  1. If you feel like grinding some of it up (or even better, chopping it finely) goat can make some mighty tasty meatballs

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                      I've a pound of ground lamb from this order, we're super-fond of lamburgers. Have tried lamb meatballs but certainly not goat. The goat stew meat will split into 4 meals total but not sure how would work ground to meatballs.... but maybe a long simmer. Hmm.

                    2. I went with Pinehurst's Greek recipe for tonight. Scaled it down considerably for 1/2# goat, seared the stew meat, used sweet potatoes since didn't have white, and then piled it all into a small crockpot rather than oven. Heavy on the oregano and plenty of cinnamon; a little ground coriander. Smells wonderful.

                      I have stashed all the recipes suggested -- thank you all!

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                        Sounds good - I was just going to suggest a braise of some kind - like a pot roast or a pernil for that matter. I love goat but it really does need to be cooked slow-and-low as it takes a long time to become tender and can get very dry if you use too much liquid.

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                          OMG. That recipe was a serious winner, Pinehurst, even though it (expectedly) turned into a thick braise/stew in the slowcooker. I was afraid the sweetness of the substituted sweet potatoes (plus carrots) would overwhelm but it was rich, tender, and quintessentially Greek (don't hold back on oregano or cinnamon). Wish I'd made enough to compare leftovers tomorrow but we ate it all. :)

                        2. Goaty update: have since also used stew goat in a beef-barley stew recipe (nice but didn't showcase the goat) and today, in a coconut-onion goat curry in the slow-cooker (terrific). Meat was nicely trimmed (provided from TX producers) and tendered up well in the crockpot.

                          Have another # of stew meat, plus shanks, in the freezer to fuss with next week. :)