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Oct 22, 2012 03:29 PM

Best Electric Cooktops

Need some advice. We are moving to a new condo. Love the place, but hate that it only allows electric stove tops. Can I get some advice on the best electric cook tops?

We are looking at the Miele and the Dacor? Any others out there you recommend?



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  1. damissus has a GE Monogram 5 element glass top that was installed about 10 yrs ago. She tells me she is happy with it. Works very well for the two of us, and can handle, with an assist from the gas grill, for up to 20 guests with a bit of improvisation Still haven't figured out all of the control settings, but it serves our needs quite well, with no maintenance problems. Worth a look, for the money.

    1. Consider something with induction.

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        After spending a chunk of money on Ruffoni copper pots, I'm not considering induction. My All-Clad would work w/ induction, but the Ruffoni are to near-and-dear to me to put in storage.

        1. re: mchljsphrffrty

          I have some copper too, so I wouldn't want to either but it sure would be tempting.