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Oct 22, 2012 01:35 PM

Sweet dumpling squash ideas

I bought a medium sized sweet dumpling squash. It will be the starch in a meal. I can certainly roast it simply with a little butter. Any other ideas? What would you do?

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  1. What is this "little" butter of which you speak? ;-)

    I would roast, butter, S&P, enjoy.

    You can also melt some butter with some olive oil and (if you like) a bit of shallot...sliced and tossed in a pan, they carmelize quickly since the variety is so sweet.

    1. Make it the star of the meal by stuffing it with something. I made a great maple cranberry quinoa stuffing recently with carnival squashes.


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        Sounds really good, and I thank you for sharing. The squash will be the carb in the meal for me, as I eat very restricted carbs now.

        I do like quinoa though.

        1. re: blinknoodle

          This stuffing looks really good. We have a few carnivals and sweet dumplings from the farmers market and will think about this one.