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Oct 22, 2012 01:30 PM

Lavender Lake (Gowanus)

A new bar/restaurant opened on Carroll Street, right near the little bridge that goes over the Gowanus Canal. It is a strange location, but a lovely place! We had an appetizer of various pickled vegetables; a grilled pork chop with a polenta cake and creamed mustard greens; an incredibly moist but perfectly cooked chicken breast with marsala sauce, and apple fritters for dessert. It was a little too cold to sit outside that night, so we sat inside. Our only complaint was the noise, especially near the jam-packed bar. But the food was really great, and the service too. Overall, I would definitely recommend it!

Lavendar Lake
383 Carroll Street (between the Gowanus bridge and Bond Street)

P.S. This is not food related, but I want to add that a new-ish jazz club, the ShaperShifter Lab, is only a couple of blocks away, on Whitwell Place near 3rd Avenue.

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    1. I stopped by in July at around 5:00PM when it was about 20% full. I sat at the bar, directly in front of 2 bartenders. I'll spare you the full rant but after being ignored for 10 minutes I left. Based on a sizable minority of the Yelp reviews I am not alone in having issues with the service. The complaints started early and have never stopped. (OTOH most people seem to like the place.)

      The owners are new to the restaurant/bar business which might explain the source of the problem. YMMV.

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      1. re: Bob Martinez

        My mileage certainly DID vary from that! The service was perfectly fine. For example, when we changed our minds about sitting outside and asked to be moved to an indoor table, they gladly moved us. Anyone else been there recently?

        1. re: parkslopemama

          Went again last night. (Wanted to try The Pines, but they were closed for a private event, so we just walked over the canal to Lavender Lake.) They apparently suffered some damage from the hurricane, so their menu was a little more limited. But they were very gracious about everything, and we really enjoyed it! I wonder if the service has improved, or if I've just been lucky?

          1. re: parkslopemama

            I think you've been lucky in avoiding the service issue. They are a continuing subplot on the Yelp thread. But since you like the place and they continue to treat you right I would keep right on going if I were you. If they start screwing up then you can take your business elsewhere but in the meantime you're ahead of the game.

        2. re: Bob Martinez

          Bob, you may want to consider giving them another shot. They opened in early July--or maybe late June--and they probably haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. I've been to Lavender Lake a handful of times, and have had nothing but positive experiences there.

          I've only had drinks and bar snacks, but I've enjoyed everything.