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Oct 22, 2012 01:24 PM

Look for a private room for 20 people for dinner in a restaurant near King & Bay. Needs to be fun and less formal.

My boss said Canoe and Reds would be too fancy. My boss mentioned Vertical. However, the big room at Vertical only holds 18 people. Jump only has the semi-private room available and my boss said that it would be too noisy. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I am pretty sure BeerBistro has a private room, but is that too casual?
    What about Stratus Restaurant? (It's in one of the TD Towers and affiliated with one of the gyms)

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    1. re: CocoaChanel

      BeerBistro is booked at the date when we're looking for. So not an option any more.

      Stratus won't work as it doesn't have a private room and if you rent the whole restaurant, you need to have around 75 people.

    2. I have had great experiences at Trevor with large groups (I think it was 20plus). Both times I was there, the prix-fixe's were solid. The atmosphere was not 'casual', but comfortably informal.
      I might add that the first time I was there (early last year), the private room was gorgeous (with lounges). However, apparently we had to book 5 month ahead of time.

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      1. re: happycamper

        I'll look into this. They open for dinner and I probably won't get anyone until in the afternoon.

        1. re: happycamper

          I just called Trevor and was told that they have a main dining area (fits 50), a bar, and a semi-private space at the back for 20 people. However, my boss wouldn't consider semi-private space. So no for Trevor.

        2. Nota Bene has a great party room and a great vibe to it.

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          1. re: cynalan

            I'm afraid that my boss would consider Nota Bene fancy.

            1. re: cynalan

              The private room at Nata Bene that fits our crowd would be the one that sits 36 people. The minimal spending before 7:30pm is $3,000. It would be too fancy for our event.

            2. How about the newly opened Richmond station? I have no idea on the size and such, however - you'd need to call them to inquire.

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              1. re: justxpete

                According to this Toronto Life article, Richmond station only has a semi-private dining room for parties of eight to 12. Too small for our crowd.

              2. A few other downtown places with private rooms:

                Volos at Richmond & York - room seats 36
                Oliver & Bonacini Cafe & Grill at Yonge & Front - room seats 30
                Modus at King & York - room seats 20
                Ki at King & Bay - room seats 28

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                1. re: midtowngirl

                  I've secured a room at Ki yesterday.

                  Good suggestions on O&B and Volos - O&B is tentatively booked by others. Hopefully they'll become available at the end. If O&B is available, I'm leaning towards using it though my boss has the final say. Volos rep is out today and they'll get back to me tomorrow.

                  I'm hesitating on Modus as the reviews on Modus were not that great last time when I checked for private room at this board.