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Oct 22, 2012 01:21 PM

Best Hotel Restaurants and Bars

I've gotten so much great advice from these boards so I'm counting on a little more.

I used to live in NOLA many years ago so I haven't stayed in a hotel room in even longer. The only hotels I've stayed at are The Omni Royal Orleans and The Bourbon Orleans. Fast forward 22 years - The Bourbon Orleans is too loud for me now, the Omni rooms are too small but it would be my pick between the two for sure. In Arpil 2013 I would like the choice of a hotel with a great bar and/or restaurant attached. The reason being my DH has never been so we will be doing a lot of siteseeing. I know for us, that sometimes after a long day we just want to clean up and head downstairs for a drink and a bite or soemtimes even just room service is good enough. !However! This being NOLA, I see absolutely no reason to ever be without great food. So ask yourself - if you had to stay in a hotel and eat and drink there, which one would it be? Remember, I still like a nice room. My budget is appx. $250/night. Any places known for excellent room service?


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  1. The roosevelt is perfect for you I think. One of the most famous, historic bars in new orleans (sazerac bar), A restaurant by john besh (dominica), nice rooms, and right in line with your budget.

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      I completely agree. Great location as well, only 1/2 block from the FQ and an easy walk to the rest of the CBD.

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        Yeah that location is great. When I was living in New Orleans I lived right across the street on the corner of gravier and baronne and it was perfect. Out of the quarter so it was reasonably quiet, yet could be in the quarter in like 2 minutes

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          Yes, and the Canal Street streetcar is right there, so you can get down to the ferry or go up toward the park so easily.

    2. I hate to be an echo, but every December we spend a weekend at the Roosevelt. Not only is it a fun hotel, but as you requested, it is an easy walk to a dozen good restaurants and a half dozen good bars. The Ritz Carleton (and it's less expensive annex Iberville Suites) is also nice and convenient.

      April is still busy season so check rates and look for deals to save your budget.

      1. I don’t think you’ll get the Roosevelt for $250/night. I’d suggest the Lowe’s Hotel on Poydras Street with Cafe Adelaide and the Swizzle Stick Bar down below. It should be in your price range, although everything is really expensive in April.

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          You are right, when I checked the rate I checked the rate for last night which was 259. I checked the rate for april and it goes up to 349. Booo

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            thanks for that. maybe i can find a deal through some site. how soon do i need to book for april?

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              Jazz Fest starts April 26...if your visit coincides at all with those dates, it would behoove you to book ASAP. April is also a pretty busy time for conventions, so hotels may fill up (thus keeping rates high) earlier in the month too.

              Sometimes you can get good rates (especially if you do an air and hotel package deal) here:

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                thanks for that info! we'll be there 4/3-4/8 so i need to start booking. how about restaurant reservations?

                1. re: vegan73

                  It can't hurt, especially if you have any special requests....

        2. Hotel Monteleone. Excellent room service, great rooftop pool and the Carousel Bar is one of the best I've ever been in. Don't know about the hotel food, but with the whole Quarter at your feet, I can't imagine sitting in and eating hotel food.

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            I agree on the Carousel Bar, but pre-K, we were less than impressed with their "deluxe rooms," but I think that they have had a renovation, since our last stay. If things have not changed THAT much, I would just walk to the Carousel Bar, as it would be worth a walk from the Lower Garden District, at least for us.


          2. Interesting request.

            Best hotel room service would go to the Ritz-Carlton. They blew us both away. The bar scene is great, but... and you knew there had to be a "but," the restaurant was not up to par, though has been reworked.

            The Roosevelt has Dominica's, which was great, and the Sazarac Bar, but I would not stay there again on a bet, and I am a Diamond Hilton member, with 3M+ award points.

            Windsor Court was excellent, in all respects, and both their bar and the Grill Room have been excellent over the years.

            Not sure about the nightly rates, as we were at each for special events and were doing suites.

            BTW - when staying at the Roosevelt in their Louis Armstrong Suite, and needing to host a special event, the catering department was less than useless. Though we were not staying with them on that trip, the Windsor Court stepped up, and did a wonderful event. That is one reason that on the next two trips over, we stayed with them.

            Personally, I would stay (and dine a few times) at the Windsor Court, and walk to the Roosevelt for Dominica's and the Sazerac Bar (not the Sazerac Room for dining), but that is just me. The Ritz-Carlton would be way, way ahead of the Roosevelt, but I would head to their restaurant with hesitation - room service - yes, with no equivocation.