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Oct 22, 2012 01:15 PM

Proposition 37 - GMO Labeling

I'm not from California, heck I'm not even from the US but I am very interested and closely following Proposition 37 (GMO labeling). I'd be very interested to hear what California residents have to say about it. Surprisingly I can't seem to find any threads about this, I hope I'm not duplicating.

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  1. Saw a great ad for prop 37 with lots of dif famous types giving reasons to have labeling. I forwarded the ad to a friend in CA who thot the ad was very well done but that she had not seen any ads (TV or mailings) for Prop 37, but had seen lots of (very misleading ads) about how bad it will be for labeling to pass. How can anyone come to the conclusion that it is bad to know what's been put in your food???

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      Hundreds of chefs have publicly come out to support the measure. The NY Times reports:

      "More than 700 of the nation’s chefs and professional foodies, from prominent names like David Bouley to up-and-comers like the chef Bryant Terry of Oakland, have lined up to support a California ballot measure that would require food companies to label products containing genetically engineered ingredients."

      "How can anyone come to the conclusion that it is bad to know what's been put in your food???"

      Until recently, very few people. Studies done over the past few years have show over 90 percent of the Nation in favor of labeling. But that was before the ad campaign noted below.

    2. Bill Maher had the head of Stoney filed dairy on talking about Prop 37. He made a very interesting (pro) case I'll see if I can find the link.

      The against forces are out spending the pro's some thing like ten to one.

      1. We are voting yes to 37. My husband actually filled up his ballot yesterday and mailed it out. We like to know if what ever we eat contains GMO and make an inform decision to whether to buy it or not.

        1. Prop 37 is getting heavy "yes" messaging on social media, I have yet to see a vote YES ad on television.

          The NO on Prop 37 folks (hello Monsanto) have run thousands of ads saying that farmers don't support Prop 37, it will cost millions to implement and enforce, physicians don't support it, and that it will add billions to the cost of food, or $400 annually per family.

          All the proponents would need is one very good ad debunking a lot of the negative rhetoric. Not sure why they've seemed to drop the ball on this. Just based on the veractiy of the negative campaign I'd be surprised if the prop passes, sad to say

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            Interestingly, I saw a yes-on-37 ad today, not on broadcast or cable TV, but on Hulu Plus, where I've seen a few yes-no ads for CA propositions that reflect the less-money side of the partisans (streaming through my TV, which may have different ads than via computer, don't know).

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              I don't watch most commercials, but have been catching a LOT more yes on 37 commercials in the last few days...

            2. i'll be voting yes, and AFAIK all my CA friends will be as well. but i fear that limited awareness (thanks in no small part to the absence of TV ads) may result in a lack of support.