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Oct 22, 2012 12:39 PM

Need to buy VEAL SHANKS for Osso Bucco - -South of Boston - - - any suggestions?

are there Italan butchers south of Boston where I could buy veal shanks? Even frozen would be OK. I have tried BJ's - no luck. Maybe Costco? ....or some of the bigger supermarkets?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. In the past we have bought veal shanks precisely to use for osso bucco and we bought the shanks at our local Market Basket (Reading) but I do know there are a few MBs south of Boston, the latest one is on The Cape, and there's one in Raynham. I believe you might find them at major supermarket chains near you, though. Phone first.

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      Whole Foods carries them (don't know if there is one near you) - excellent Italian veal to be had in Providence but that's probably too far south!

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        Yes - thanks - I will try both Market Basket and Whole Foods in Bellingham - - -both only about 20 minutes away. Thanks to you both.

    2. I don't think the big box stores like Costco do much with veal. There was an Italian butcher in Rozzie Square - Tony's, I think, but not sure if he did veal or stuck to pork. He also was pretty old and I haven't been back in a year or so. Maybe McKinnon's in Davis, but that's only a guess.

      I do see them in grocery stores with decent meat selections.. how many do you need? And if i recall, cuts from the hindshank versus foreshank are a bit different in terms of bone/meat.

      Good luck finding some nice meaty ones..

      1. +1 on Market Basket. The new one on the Cape is just over the Sagamore Bridge off the first exit off Rte. 6. I've also routinely found them at Stop and Shop,but they don't always have them.

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          Yes thanks - I had a feeling Market Basket would be a good choice - thanks