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Oct 22, 2012 10:54 AM

Condiments: Jars or Squeeze Bottles

Making a sandwich this morning and I was squeezing the last of the mayonnaise out of the bottle, a little dribble, shake the bottle down, bang it on the counter, squeeze again. I started to wonder why I bought it in a squeeze bottle at all. On the other hand, it does seem to keep longer. Single guy, don't use a whole lot of mayo, ketchup, mustard at one time and the limited exposure to air, not sticking kinves or spoons into the condiment, etc seem to keep it fresh longer - or is it my imagination?

Any chowhounds feel like chiming in?

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  1. I prefer jars. So easy to get to the last "drop".
    If I forget to shake the mustard or ketchup squeezers I get a dollop of soupy stuff on my burger or hot dog. Yuck!

    1. I really dislike squeeze bottles; much prefer jars. When I was a kid we were able to buy ketchup in jars, and I've been looking for that ever since!

      And that soupy dollop that Motorsport mentions is gross!

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      1. Im a squeeze bottle guy! Although there is probably more "waste" when I throw the bottle away because it doesn't get emptied and scraped, the convenience outweighs the cons for me.

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          One thing I'll often do with squeeze bottles is cut the top off with kitchen shears so I can scrape the inside before tossing it.

          As to the original query, I'm pretty indifferent between jars and squeeze bottles. I have a mixture of both. I guess I prefer jars a little bit more because I can apply the condiment more precisely or simply dunk my food into the jar.

        2. I think I like all my condiments (mustard, hot sauce or paste, mayo, relish, etc.) in jars.

          The ONE exception is ketchup. Much prefer it in a squeeze bottle.

          (If you count salad dressing as a "condiment" then I also prefer those in a squeeze bottle. But I don't consider dressing as a condiment. It's dressing.)

          1. I prefer jars and if I'm using a condiment infrequently then small jars are the way I roll. A small mayo jar has a wide lid and the smaller jar is much easier to navigate each and every drop.