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Oct 22, 2012 10:50 AM

Asiana/Penang Greenwich Ct

Word is that these two restaurants, within 3 blocks of each other, have the same owner/management. I'm quite familiar with Penang, and have enjoyed it many times.

How does Asiana stack up to Penang? Similar experience? Same menu?

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  1. I'm no expert having been to Asiana only once but our lone visit was pretty lackluster. Broad, pan-Asian menu with no focus and everything we ordered was below average. Penang, on the other hand, is a much more limited menu and I've found it to be rather tasty for a neighborhood restaurant (not destination dining). I'm not sure about the common ownership.

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      They are both owned by Alan and Ching Lee. In addition to Ching's Table, also Water Moon in Rye. They all have as mainstays on the menu a section where you choose the sauce first, then choose the protein. (Sambal is my favorite) They also have a restaurant on LI called Wild Ginger.

      To SteveSCT: Penang is terrific, I have been there probably a dozen times. Very cozy and warm environment, and real cloth napkins and higher-end plates and utensils.

      Interesting that this poster found Asiana so different than Penang.

    2. I order lunch from Asiana occasionally, and find it to be generally good. It's better than most Chinese restaurants in the area (and more costly), but it is neither particularly authentic or challenging. That is probably a key to their success, but it also means that I often oft for other lunch delivery choices.

      I haven't tried Penang for the reason suggested by mla19 - I had heard it wasn't destination dining, and I don't live in Greenwich (I work there).

      I have also heard that Asiana shares ownership with Ching's Table in New Canaan. The menus and preparations are quite similar.

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        I've been to both spots a bunch of times and I think they're good; I lean towards Penang over Asiana in most cases.

        I agree that Asiana is less focused; they are a bigger place and I believe they're trying to appeal to a broader range.

        The big differences:

        Asiana is a larger space and has a liquor license. Penang is smaller and does not serve alcohol.

        Asiana offers sushi and just generally more choices across the board. Penang has a smaller menu but the food is a bit better quality in my opinion.

        Asiana can sometimes be loud with a lot of families with kids. I usually find Penang quieter, and I just generally think I get taken care of a little better at Penang.

        A little thing that always makes me smile about Penang is that I always order their vegetarian hot+sour soup to start (love it) and after taking the order, my server almost always goes immediately to get my soup and bring it back. 1min tops.