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Oct 22, 2012 10:19 AM

AZ Taco Festival Feedback

Just wanted to get the group's thoughts on this weekend's taco festival. Here are my two cents:

Nice sized venue out at Salt River Fields with ample parking and space. I like the fact you could go on two days as we couldn't make it on Saturday, so Sunday was the day.

Distrito, Four Seasons, and the taco ladies with the pink truck with the killer duck tacos were all back in force. Overall, the tacos were solid, nice showing from Tonto Bar and Grill with a killer shrimp taco.

I missed the Mission and didn't see too many local taco shops represented.

Great tents for beer and tequila tastings. Still had the chefs demos and nice to see additional kids activities, although paying extra for them was a little disheartening.

What is with the ridiculously loud music playing from multiple sources? Come on! The live music was solid and should be given the run of the festival. It was hard to have a conversation or chill with all the competing blasting music.

Also, when did the foodie-friendly taco festival become a pub crawl Old Town Scottsdale style? I appreciate that a lot of our bars are taco-friendly spots and appreciate their business and
sponsorship, but I felt the event was too focused on the "party" aspect.
I just missed the foodie feel.

Still, it was fun and the weather was a little cooler, which was nice. I think next year, I will try to go on Saturday as I think a few taco booths were empty due to the second day lag.

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  1. It was really hot on Saturday, be glad you went on Sunday instead. I agree on the music. Thought they could have done a better job on the shade as well. The food was great, and I'm glad I went, but not sure I'll be back- when their idea of a "craft" beer is Blue Moon, and I'm paying 3 tickets (in this case, 3 tacos) for it, I'm just not seeing the value- I understand the focus is (and should be) the food, but who doesn't like a beer or non-premade-watered down margarita with their taco?

    My favorite tacos were J-Licious (pink taco truck lady), Mission, and La Hacienda (glad I tried this place- never heard of it, now it's on my list for dinner some time) . Bummed I missed Milagro all together, who I guess won quite a few awards...

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      Yeah, I hear you- last year I was chilling with SanTan Brewery cans of tasty Devil's Ale. I don't mind paying 3 tix, but Blue Moon is corporate fake out "craft" beer.