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Too much smoked deer sausage - what can I do besides cheese and crackers?

Here in my area a common gift is smoked deer sausage and I have been blessed generously. Well, I can only eat so much sausage with cheese on crackers. Is there something else I can do? I was thinking of re-grinding it, mixing it with ground beef and making a meat loaf. Will it work? Any other ideas?

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  1. just diced up and added to potato, egg or pasta dishes?
    I think it freezes fine.

    1. Add it to a risotto or paella.

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        Or polenta dishes! Sausage and polenta...doesn't get much better than that.

      2. My address is...... :)

        No, I wouldn't grind it up and make meat loaf with it -- too salty, and as it's already been cooked, it's going to make a really weird texture.

        Sliced for sandwiches, put it on pizza, added to omelettes...anywhere you'd used chopped, cured meat.

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          I wholeheartedly agree with all your suggestions. My in-laws make an abundance of deer sausage each year and they use it in all of those dishes, quite delicious!

        2. Agreed with splatgirl, it's remarkably versatile. I have added smoked venison sausage to soups, egg dishes, mac and cheese, and rice dishes. Goes great with rice and beans, for example.

          1. Thanksgiving is coming up, perfect in your dressing or stuffing.

            1. If your sausage is the same as what I know as vension ring bolonga (and I think it is) I agree with sunshine, not a good addition to meatloaf.

              It keeps very well in the freezer.

              I remember my aunt making a roast potato dish that also contained large chunks of peppers (red and green) onions and diced deer bologna. It was a nice companion to the potatos.

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                Red beans and rice? I bet it would be lovely in like a chicken soup - or butter nut squash soup.

                I would render the fat, saute the veg and then serve the cooked sauge on top.

                - Deer sauge hash?
                - a chicken or pork loin with deer sausage stuffing?

                My also be good mixed with other ground meat for Cabage rolls...

                I wish I had your problem... good luck.

              2. Never tried it, but as a base for spaghetti? I suspect with a little doctoring, you could use it in most recipes calling for ground beef

                1. I serve it with eggs for breakfast, make gravy with it for SOS, use it in soups and stews, BBQ it on skewers with veggies, include it in grilled cheese sandwiches, use it in spaghetti sauces and stratas .................

                  1. There seems to be confusion about what exactly you have, like cleobeach i'm thinking it is something like kielbasa or ring bologna. I've seen deer pepperoni though so who knows. . .

                    Anyway, I like this with added kielbasa (about a 1/2 or a 1/4 of a 'standard' U of kielbasa), if I were in your situation I would probably cook up a big pot and bake an enormous loaf of rye bread:


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                      Yes, this stuff is more like summer sausage ... and it has some cheese in it and a lot of whole black pepper corns. It's pretty large, something like 3 inches in diameter and over a foot long. It was given to me frozen. One log is still in the freezer.

                      Thanks to all for your ideas, I will give some a try! Or maybe I'll bestow the remaining log as a gift :<)

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                        I am liking this idea ... I think it would go good with Cajun flavors. Maybe some red beans and rice ...

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                          Sounds like it would be great to flavor sauteed, braised, or stewed leafy greens too.

                          And then put the whole delicious mess over a bed of creamy POLENTA! lol. (Or not. But, as you can see above, I do love sausage and polenta. As well as greens and polenta. But leafy greens and smoked, cured meat together is great with many things or nothing at all.)

                          If you want to go Cajun, perhaps a jambalaya? That sounds tasty. I would not give that last log up!

                      2. Pasta salad, potato salad, sauerkraut,

                        1. I love the idea of your sausage on pizza.
                          It also may be good baked with sauerkraut, onions, peppers and apples. Serve with some thick seeded rye bread and a little brown mustard.

                          1. i used it in place of andouille in jambalaya before, with great results.
                            i also like to split it down the middle, get some color on it in a pan and get it warmed up, put it in a hotdog bun or good hoagie roll with a great grainy mustard, and some sauteed mushrooms in a wine reduction. very earthy, very delicious.