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Oct 22, 2012 09:46 AM

Brunch Buffet in Dallas?

While visiting Florida last year, we visited a place with a great, fresh brunch buffet for about $20/person. The experience was fun to try lots of different items which are still good quality food. After getting back into Dallas, I searched and found Woodfire Kirby's on Greenville had a brunch buffet. We brought a couple friends along and fell in love with the prime rib, smoked salmon crackers, made to order french toast, eggs benedict, etc. I noticed they no longer do the brunch buffet and was bummed out.

I've tried Blue Mesa's brunch buffet and was really not into it at all. The food seemed really greasy and heavy for an early morning lunch.

I have attempted at searching for more restaurants, but I am not having much luck. Are there anymore places around here that offer a brunch buffet on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Because I find that these are a fun experience with friends, distance is not an issue.

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  1. American: Highland Park Cafeteria in Casa Linda. They open at 11:00am.

    Indian: Cafe Mughlai on Alfa Road. Arguably, the best Indian buffet in Dallas. Although, no argument from me. They're our personal favorite and, the buffet is amazing in both the depth of dishes offered and taste.
    Their incredible Sunday buffet starts at 12:00 noon.

    African-American soul food: Sweet Georgia Brown in Oak Cliff.
    Incredibly delicious BBQ and lots of really great "meat 'n three" to choose from. Best advice I can give you? COME HUNGRY!

    1. Does Indian Thali count? It might not be all you can eat but you get about 8-10 options and are generally satified after all the options

      I would recommend Chennai Cafe in Plano at Preston and Tennyson

      1. The two places I had in mind were Compass Rose near Destin, FL and Woodfire Kirby's in Dallas. Compass Rose's brunch is $22/person and $8 bottomless mimosas. Here is a link to their brunch menu for an idea:

        Because Woodfire Kirby's is no longer doing a weekly brunch, it's hard to find the menu they had. I found a post on their website that mentions some of the food. "Join us every Sunday from 11am to 3pm and indulge in an "All You Can Handle" hybrid of a Premium, Chef Driven Butcher Block Table that consists of In House Smoked Prime Rib & Chef D’s House Made Corn Beef Hash & a Made To Order Menu that includes Classic Egg Benedict & Texas French Toast with Homemade Whipped Apple Butter. All inclusive price at $19.95 per person and $5 for bottomless Mimosas"

        These are the two restaurants I had in mind. Compass Rose was really busy when we went so I can see how the make a profit. Woodfire Kirby's sadly was not busy when we went which is why they probably don't offer the brunch anymore.

        Thanks for your recommendations so far.

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          The Dallas Morning News recently rated the buffet at Hotel Intercontinental:

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            Looks like Brenner braved a trip outside the loop, although just barely. Thanks for the tip, I stopped reading the DMN food section (actually the whole rag with its paywall) awhile back.

        2. I should also have mentioned Afrah's lunch buffet. Which in my opinion is the best Middle-Eastern buffet in Dallas. Including that of Fadi's.

          1. You are looking for this place based on the menu you listed:


            Not many people know about it.
            I tried it myself, not bad but not mouth watering great.
            Nice sit out area for Fall season so it's worth trying and report back.