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Oct 22, 2012 08:56 AM

Nothin' is hipper than having one flipper: Where to find frogs?

I'm interested in trying frog in any of its various forms -- legs especially, but anything really. Which restaurants do frog right??

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  1. Chinatown, any of the big restaurants there do frog in claypot.

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    1. re: Prav

      And, they offer live frog not frozen.

    2. frog legs with lemongrass at anh hong in dorchester
      cha kroeung frog legs at phnom penh restaurant in lowell
      crispy fried frog legs at great taste restaurant in chinatown
      frog legs with peanut and pepper at great taste restaurant in chinatown
      salt and pepper frog legs at royal palace in chinatown
      jingdu frog legs at sichuan gourmet in framingham
      spicy frog legs with basil leaves at montien in chinatown
      spicy frog legs with garlic and pepper at montien in chinatown

      1. 49 Social, on Temple Place downtown, does Frog Legs and Waffles at the bar.

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        1. re: FinnFPM

          That does look like an interesting combo for $11:

          FROG LEGS & WAFFLES-Crispy Frog Legs, Tarragon Waffles, Cippolini Onion Cognac Sauce

          1. re: Taralli

            That sounds awesome. Can I get it for breakfast?

        2. I just saw frog legs on the menu at Kitchen in the South End.

          1. When I visited for RW last year, Russell House Tavern had a fried frog legs on their menu which were quite tasty. Not sure if they rotate their menu. I prefer the Chinese preparations, but they usually encompass more parts of the frogs, which involves a lot of small bones, and not just the legs.