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Oct 22, 2012 08:48 AM

Flush Mounted Ceiling Vents

I had posted a thread in August seeking advice on flush mounted hoods. We were considering the Cirrus vent hood for a project with an island range and did not want a hood hanging down obstructing our view out our large picture window. Also, a standard hood would interfere with opening one of our cabinets. So far the feedback is sparse but to the negative side. I was wondering if anyone since had real experience with these types of hoods and/or if there might have been any new products introduced recently which would suffice. Thank you!

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  1. Eatzi,
    Read your original thread, and followed you here -- as I just started reinvestigating this topic last night, after leaving it for dead a couple of years ago. My interest is the same as yours, with higher ceilings but no wish to cut off the sight-lines of an open view.

    Two manufacturers in Europe make highly-rated, flush-mounted “extractor” systems (ABK and Westin), but neither has distribution in the US, so I’ve hit a bit of a wall. They do have brochures, schematics, and measurements for their systems posted on their websites; I’m thinking we might be able to find someone who could customize a solution for us, using those notes. My favorite of the bunch extends about a foot or so from the ceiling, and is clad in a simple-looking soffit box to hide the works. The extension might also solve the issue of grease and oil build-up at the ceiling line, since those things would be captured before they hit the ceiling. All the systems have built-in halogen lighting, as well.