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Oct 22, 2012 08:38 AM

Chow near the Victoria Line/Mayfair

We are visiting London for the first time in April. Unfortunately, Priceline put us on the South side of the Thames. The closest tube station is Vauxhall, about 1/2 mile away.
There seems to be a dirth of food right around our hotel (Chino Latino seems to be the only game in town).
After a day of touring, I don't want to have to navigate a tube or bus transfer. One night we will be at the Ceremony of the Keys and a friend has suggested drinks at the Dickens Inn or Draft House and dinner at Cafe Spice Namaste.
Beyond that, I am hoping to stay near the Victoria line. It seems that would put us mainly in the Mayfair area. Wild Honey seems to come recommended. Not interested in Automat (I can eat that at home). Burger and Lobster might be on the list. Bubbledogs also seems to have some hype, although I worry about no reservations at both places. Veeraswamy seems expensive and not well reviewed here (plus we are thinking of Cafe Spice Namaste one night). Golden Union for fish and chips?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. We eat anything, but prefer someone more casual places. (ie no ties required).

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  1. Hey - is there any reason you are limiting yourself to the Victoria line? The tube system is fantastic and easy to use so I really wouldn't stick to just the one line!

    There are obviously hundreds of threads on restaurants across London so i'd have a browse of some of them bearing in mind that you have the whole of the city at your disposal. If you do want to stick near the Victoria line then I'd check out threads on Soho (near Oxford Circus) which has plenty of restaurants which would meet your casual brief - off the top of my head some of my favourites are:

    Bocca di Lupo / Barafina / Copita / Koya / Bincho Yakitori / Pitt Cue Co / Tonkotsu / Duck Soup / 10 Greek Street

    In terms of local restaurants in Vauxhall, Brunswick House Cafe is very good and would be perfect for a low key dinner when you want to stay close to your hotel.

    1. There's a good gastropub near Vauxhall called The Canton Arms. Worth checking out if you're in the area.

      1. Please don't worry about changing Tube lines. It is SO easy to get around London. And if you get the train at Vauxhall, it's about two minutes to get off at Waterloo, which opens up the Bakerloo, Jubillee and Northern Lines.

        I'd just pick restaurants that appeal to you and go for it. I used to be a tourist so I know how daunting it sometimes seems.

        1. Thanks for the advice. I'm not opposed to transferring lines, just trying to avoid after a long day of touring :-) We have no problem getting around NYC, for instance, sometimes just get tired waiting for trains. (I know, what a problem to have, right?)
          There are a lot of restaurants I am considering off of the Victoria line--Hawksmoor, Opera Tavern, Belgo. Just looking to see if I was missing anything. And already I think Copita and Brunswick House cafe are great options!

          1. Take the Victoria Line to Brixton -- great places in Brixton Village and Market (see the relevant threads on these places).