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Oct 22, 2012 08:34 AM

Reheating Waffles for a Tailgate - ideas?

This weekend we are having Fried Catfish & Fried Chicken over waffles for our tailgate entree. My BF is planning on making the waffles in advance, and then re-heating them at the tailgate. His current plan is to "build a cardboard box to heat them up over our portable stove". I'm worried that a) they won't be warm enough and b) they won't be crispy enough. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance! Kat

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  1. Practice at home now. Make a small batch, store as you plan to and keep that way for the amount of time it takes to travel, park, set up. Then reheat however you plan to.

    Alternately, get a converter that fits in the cigarette socket of your vehicle and bring the waffle iron and pre-made batter.

    Or just make pancakes on the stove you are planning to bring.

    1. Reheat; not a problem. Crispy; ain't gonna happen. A crispy waffle fresh out of the waffle maker contains moisture which, eventually, breaks down the crisp surface. Reheating the waffle by any means, other than perhaps a radiant heat toaster, drives that moisture to the surface.
      A cardboard box over a portable stove is risky business and certainly not recommended.
      Wrap the waffles in foil and, when your at the game with the engine turned off, lay them on the engine (nearer the manifold the better) to warm them.