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BYOB - Central Jersey

Looking for something new for wife's birthday....

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  1. Central Jersey is a rather broad term/geographic location…..however for me that would include the Edison/Metuchen area exit 131 off the good ole Garden State Parkway…which would bring me to my often suggested Lu Cas on Rt. 27 in Metuchen…..a very well established Italian BYOB where you can never go wrong. Also in that area is a fairly new place called Civilies Tornado on Durham Ave in Metuchen smaller and more intimate setting but I have been there several times since opening and it is EXCELLENT.

    If you can be a little more specific with Central Jersey it could help us with appropriate suggestions.

    1. Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport. Going there for my birthday tomorrow nite.

      1. Central Jersey is very subjective, but if you include Cranford in that range, my favorite BYO is 'a toute hure." They list the local farms on the menu, the menu changes daily and the owners are always there. The food is delicious.

        1. Acacia in Lawrenceville, Blue Point Grill in Princeton, Villa Barone in Robbinsville

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                Drew's, Belford and Bay Avenue.

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                    Bgut & Bingley, I was going to post same yesterday. This 3 of a kind would beat a full house any day of the week. Terrific eateries, each with their own uniqueness with one common denominator - GREAT FOOD.

              2. Haven't been there in a couple of years, but DEFINITELY the Blue Bottle Cafe. It's just lovely.

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                  Blue Bottle is great... was there in September..