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Oct 22, 2012 07:54 AM

"fancy" indian restaurants dinner in Montreal


My parents and grandparents are coming up to Montreal and I've been asked to make a reservation at a "nice" place as we're celebrating my graduation. If it were up to me I'd just head up to parc ex and get indian food but they're expecting something a little more fancy-ish. I was wondering if anyone had any appropriate recommendations? I've been to Le Taj, it's ok but I didn't think it was anything special. I'm thinking somewhere not too formal but definitely a place where you reserve and the energy is a little more relaxed than the hole-in-the-wall places I go to. Somewhere with a vibe like Rumi would be ideal. Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch.

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    1. re: montrealwaitress

      We second this answer. Look no further than Ghandi.

      1. re: 514eats

        I'm sorry to differ but I think we lack this kind of restaurant in Montreal. Gandhi sure is a nice location but it's very bland and expensive: you basically get the same food you would get on Jean-Talon Ouest but for 4 times the price and none of the kick.

        I've read good things about Devi, but I've never tried it because I try to avoid Crescent at all cost ;-)

        1. re: Whygee

          You are absolutely correct. We just went back this weekend and were generally disappointed. We definitely had better memories from the times we've been in the past, many years ago.

    2. Atma on St-Laurent is pretty good for what you are looking for but doesn't beat the Park X joints IMHO.

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      1. re: hungryann

        I really love Atma and I firmly believe this is the best Indian resto in Montreal. When you walk in, you get a feeling of calm and happiness as the place has great, warm energy. The nan bread is baked fresh and see if you can have only one piece of garlic nan - I can't. From their Tandoori dishes to the lentil dishes, everything is fresh and so flavorfull. We have been to every popular Indian place in this city and we always go back to Atma and we are never disappointed!

        1. re: Goormay

          Usually I'd put in my vote for Atma because it has that sort of elegant yet slightly chubby atmosphere that I sometimes surprise myself by liking. The first time my husband and I went there we loved it. The second time we went our service was less than stellar, we were rushed, and the food wasn't as good as before.

          Still, I'm game for giving it another shot.

      2. Mysore on Saint Laurent and Rachel. Free indoor parking (which is a godsend on the Plateau) great food and better service.

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