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Oct 22, 2012 07:54 AM

Severed Braciole Arm recipe just in time for Halloween

I'm always on the lookout for something interesting to make for Halloween (i.e. the classic Kitty Litter Cake ), so I was thrilled to see a Severed Arm main course served up on Bitchin' Kitchen on the Cooking Channel.

In the picture in the link below you don't get the full effect because it is sliced. But watching Nadia make it on TV I was wowed by how the prosciutto took on a wonderful creepy dead skin look. One of my musts for scary treats is the dish has to taste great too. The Severed Arm is a stuffed flank steak, meatballs and marinara... perfect! I plan to make this for Halloween.

Speaking of the famous Kitty Litter Cake, mine is a yellow cake, split and filled with whipped cream, covered in ganache and MWHHAAAHHAA "kitty litter" and tootsie roll "droppings."

So what creepy things are y'all making for Oct. 31?

The Severed Braciole Arm recipe:

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    1. re: blue room

      I prefer real trompe l'oeil food (yes that is an oxymoron), not fondant sugar art masquerading as such. Though there is a place for that.

      1. re: Jimisi

        Love it! After I make the one with prosciutto I'll post pix!

      2. So I moved our Halloween dinner up a bit early in light of Hurricane Sandy. Here are a few pix. The "Severed Arm" was very tasty. I used Nadia's recipe except I added an egg to the bread stuffing to bind it. The meatball "fingers" were my own recipe. And yes, I know this does not really look like a severed arm. I had to cook the fingers apart from the steak because my pan wasn't long enough for it all. Plus I am hobbling around on one leg because of a fractured knee. I know those don't sound like good excuses, but I don't want to admit that when it comes to decorating/style I am clueless.

        Dessert was Mwhhaaaahaaa "Bloody Mess" a/k/a Lemon Pudding Cake with Raspberry Coulis. All right, I know, it is not scary looking at all. On the positive side, what an excellent dessert. Link attached. I didn't have buttermilk so substituted whole milk with a little lemon juice (the recipe has lemon juice anyway but I added a little to the milk to curdle it a bit). I also couldn't get superfine sugar, apparently it is seasonal around here. So I used regular granulated. No problem! I also used a combination of lemon/lime juice and peel because that's how me likes it. In a word - delicious!


        1. Scary Whine
        2. Severed Arm
        3. Guts in their glory
        4. Chopped Wrist
        5. Bloody Mess

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        1. re: TrishUntrapped

          Great pics, looks like a very fun meal, and VERY impressive that you pulled it off with a fractured knee!!!

          1. re: GretchenS

            Thanks Gretchen, it was silly fun...Sides were "Toss Your Cookies Salad" (Tossed green salad with croutons) and "Bloody White Worms" (Penne Rigate).