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Oct 22, 2012 06:58 AM

Good saurkraut?

Anyone know where I can pick up good saurkraut? Preferably in Vancouver proper? Thanks

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  1. Oyama Sausage on Granville Island

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    1. re: Anne M

      This nice thing about Oyama is that you can buy it in small quantities. No one else in my family likes it and it can be hard to eat a large container on your own.

    2. The crock in my living room :)

      More serious reply -- there's a store on Davie (near, I think Broughton ?) that specialises in European foods. They have more pickles and sauerkraut than I've seen anywhere. Could be a good place to check if Oyama fails you.

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      1. re: delickwent

        Are there not two 'Euro Delis' on Davie St?

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Only one near Broughton, actually it is between Bute and Jervis I believe. There may be another but I don't about it. There is a euro-type deli just of Robson at Bidwell too. Called Euro plus I think.

          1. re: Anne M

            OK Google is our friend- I'm thinking of Urban Deli 813 Davie small narrow place well aren't they all these days.

            Had a look around once not sure if it's still in business.

      2. Just over the bridge into North Van is Jolly Foods, a Scandinavian food store with all the kraut you could want. I know it's outside the city but thought I'd throw it out there for you.

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          That 'other deli' on Davie is still in business but doesn't open until noon Mon, Tues, Wed and 11:00 other days of the week-I was too early to check it out today.

        2. since we no longer have those old-time canning contacts (I think this was mentioned in a pickle thread here too) ... the sauerkraut we like is sold at small specialty stores, incl butcher shops - it's from the heartland of Cdn sauerkraut - St Jacobs ON

          Here is what the label says (i happen to have some in my freezer (yes - freezer))

          St. Jacobs Foods
          New Hamburg ON
          "made naturally for you"

          it says it contains cabbage and salt (that's it)
          and is packaged in a clear plastic vacuum sealed bag
          500 grams
          no additives or preservatives
          keep refrigerated

          i know this doesn't help the OP --- but for anyone who goes up to the sunshine coast (sechelt) - i have seen it at Butcher Dave's place (aka Butcher's Block meat market) on your right as you enter the big 4-way stoplight intersection in Sechelt - there is a coffee bistro place and dry cleaner and Lighthouse Cold Beer / Wine next to it. I think Dave is from that part of ontario, so i would think he knows what he's talking about re: this type of product.

          i have even frozen it! and it when thawed, it was just fine.

          a pkg is about $3.50.

          i quickly googled and i found this ---
          St Jacob's Foods
          3171 Bleams E
          New Hamburg, Ontario N3A 3J3