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Oct 22, 2012 06:57 AM

Atera this Friday - 2 questions!

I'm so excited to be going to Atera this Friday for my birthday dinner, and after reading through the other Atera threads I just have 2 questions.

I'm planning to wear a sweater dress and nice heels, but I was not sure what the appropriate dress would be for my husband? Should he wear a suit, just dress pants and a button down with a tie, dress pants and a button down with no tie? I just don't want him to feel out of place if everybody or nobody else is wearing a jacket.

I am a little confused about the wine/drink pairings (I think I've seen some mention of certain courses coming with a beer or sake instead of wine). We're not sure if we want to pay the $105 for pairings, but I also wasn't sure how it works since there are so many courses. Do they give you one drink to pair with a couple of courses? Last year we did a beer pairing at EMP and it was amazing. I think we may just ask for beer and/or wine recommendations and get a couple of glasses rather than doing the full pairing this time, but I'd love to hear feedback from people who have enjoyed their meal with or without the pairing.


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  1. My husband & I went to Atera 10 days ago. Although it was not full (only 14 of the 18 seats were filled), there was only one gentleman in a suit. Maybe one sports jacket in the room (without a tie) - the other men "casual elegant". My husband had (& was happy with) the wine pairing, which consisted of 11 alcoholic beverages including a beer cocktail & 2 sakes. The sommelier indicated whenever the beverage was geared towards 2 courses. I, on the other hand, opted for 2 glasses of wine that were enough for me to enjoy the meal. (The sommelier even offered to pour a half-glass towards the end of the savories, but I declined.) Were I a sweet wine lover, I would have had a third to go with the various desserts. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks so much - exactly what I needed to know.