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Oct 22, 2012 05:29 AM

First trip to HK.

Hey chowhound!

Heading to HK in a few weeks for 8 and finding the online research overwhelming! Wondered if you could take a look at my list and offer any advice?

Mainly higher end stuff, the rest I'm happy to follow my nose. Open to all cuisines but would like to focus generally on Chinese.

Already booked Lung King Heen + Hutong.

Tim’s Kitchen (lunch?)
The Chairman (lunch?)
Bo Innovation (read some VERY mixed reviews..worth it?)
Ming Court
Man Wah
Luk Yu
Yung Kee
Lei Garden
Nahai 1
Loong Toh Yuen
Tin Lung Heen
Da Ping Huo
Fa Zu Jie

Also thinking of L'atelier + Yardbird but not sure. Thoughts? Any glaring ommisions or duds?

Hugely appreciated!

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  1. Skip Hutong - Mediocre food, overpriced, touristy. Only selling point is the view, assuming you can get a table seat.

    I would add Tasty's and one of the Mak's noodle places to take in some traditional Cantonese won-ton noodles and snacks

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks for your reply! Managed to get a table seat at Hutong so will give it a shot.

      Will be hitting up the cheap and cheerful places like Maks for lunch and snack for sure.

      1. re: marksound

        Well, I do hope you find something good to eat at the much-maligned Hutong, marksound. I actually enjoyed all my 3 visits there, though the last time was waaay back in 2008. Well, the fact that it's still there whilst other much more feted restaurants in the same building & vicinity were gone spoke volumes of its staying power in high-rent HK.

        The views are stupendous.

        Its claim-to-fame is the crispy-skinned roasted & de-boned lamb-ribs. To-die for.

        1. re: klyeoh

          Agree with the lamb-ribs and the view! However, wasn't impressed with their stirred fry dishes. Noticed they also 'lost' their Michelin star. Should tell you something??!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Wow, I didn't realise they'd even gotten a Michelin star in the first place, Charles! Anyway, I don't really trust the French to rate HK eateries - even if they hired some locals as consultants. Michelin has lost much of its influence in Europe in the past decade - too commercialised and high-handed at the same time. Their system of rating is also not transparent - Paul Bocuse will get a 3-star *every* year out of deference to the legendary chef, irregardless of the fact that cooking standards there had stagnated, and some of the dishes were simply awful.

            1. re: klyeoh

              Will definitely try the lamb ribs, one of my must get dishes on any menu! I'm happy if the food isn't out of this world in exchange for a view/atmosphere just for one night.

              Currently trying to get a reservation at Fa Zu Jie - any of you been? If not may try Da Ping Huo to experience a 'private' kitchen.