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Oct 22, 2012 12:57 AM

40th birthday private party recommendations

Am looking for a trendy nice place to host a 40th birthday for my husband.
Santa Monica west side, long beach, mid Wiltshire, downtown LA ok.
30-45 ppl, sat nite nov 10th.
Budget: $45 per person including drinks or $30 food?!
Good ambience/energy. Preferably dancing area too...I can get our own DJ too.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Am open to a cocktail party type setup too with nice and plentiful appetizers if not an elaborate meal.

Thanks folks in advance.

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  1. How about Conga Room? If you dont need dancing, Eveleigh on Sunset is a fun choice.

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    1. re: Thor123

      As much as I agree Eveleigh is a great spot, it would come in well above the OP's budget of 30 pp for food, or 45 food + drinks, especially if the drink is alcoholic. Unless the resto is willing to do a set menu for them.....but it still seems that they won't get many choices.

    2. Saturday night will be your obstacle as most trendy places will fill up without your reservation.
      Finding a place with a large banquet room that is separate from the rest of the facility might work.
      And any place with existing good energy will hardly need your DJ, regardless of how good he/she may be.
      A hotel might serve your purpose as banquet rooms tend to be fairly quiet on Saturday nights, yet the economics may still be out of whack.

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      1. re: carter

        agree with you carter.
        can't think of even one "trendy" restaurant that will take a party that large on a saturday night at anywhere near $45/pp.