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La Tequilera (the new Dona Cata) - has anyone been?

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Walked by Dona Cata the other day and saw that the decor and name had changed. Looks from the website that it is the same owners but new concept/menu as of October 1st. Has anyone had a chance to try it out yet?

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  1. Close to our hood! We should TOFTT :)

    1. Menu looks like fun. I think that burrito may be in the San Diego style -- fries in a burrito is so wrong it could be right :-).

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        And even better if they deep fry that entire fries-stuffed burrito !

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Then you'd have a California chimichanga :-)

          1. re: grayelf

            SSSHHHH ..... don't give away all our secrets. ; >P

      2. I believe this is the first local blog review, TOFTT by Kevin :-)


        Sadly, DC's salsa bar is gone :-( And it seems the overall format has taken a whole different direction. Seriously ....... burgers ?!?


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          Ok, I totally don't have to go there now... :/