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Oct 21, 2012 10:43 PM

gourmet/creative in east midtown..midpriced

Its all about the food and we are staying east midtown.need a recommendation for dinner..I loved Jean Georges but like to try something new.further south.....thank you

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  1. The Modern. Fine dining but different from JG. I've tried their prix fixe and they also have a tasting menu. Two of the dishes were on my list of most best/memorable dishes I've ever had (not saying this lightly); a third dish was beautiful and poignant; the remaining dish was loveable. And I haven't gotten started on their petites fours cart.

    Alternatively, Sushi Yasuda. If you are 2 or 3 people, get a counter seat. You could do a full omakase or you could start with a sushi set and order more stuff a la cart.

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      For upscale Italian try Vice Versa. Consistently good.

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        I realize I am asking a lot for bargain price in the city..I dont care if its a hole in the wall...its about the food....and Im sorry I mixed up the name...I MEANT NOUGATINE!..Jean George is TOO shishi for me!!.....I am hoping to get a prix fixe for under 50.....anywhere in midtown....I hate to take my husband to NYC for his first time and just get if i were to post again I would ask for a Budget conscious place in midtown that has fantastic food thats creative and memorable!! THANKS.

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        the menu sounds great!!.... I did not see prices.....I need mid priced much was the prix fixe....under 30?

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          The Modern is quite expensive, not under 30. Unless you dined in the bar room, and only ordered the two least expensive things on the menu. There is no prix fixe in the bar room.

          The main dining room prix fixe starts at $55 for lunch, $98 for dinner.

      3. What is "midpriced" to you? Because Jean Georges, one of the ten most expensive restaurants in the city, certainly isn't by most people's standards...

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          I am sorry I meant the cheaper sister restaurant next door , Nougatine...its the perfect place for my style and the price is as high as Id go...not rich

        2. The pre-theater prix fixe at Tocqueville is $44 for 3 courses; check other posts for rave reviews on this restaurant. There's also Aquavit, where we recently had a fabulous meal. If the dates & times work for you, you can get a Savored discount of 30%, bringing their 4-course $85 prix fixe down to just under $60. A bit more than you want to spend, but well worth it.

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            I'll +1 Aquavit, with the caveat that yeah, it's a slightly higher pp than the OP wanted - but given that the meal is four courses instead of the usual two, it's well worth the extra $10.

            One thing to consider - which the OP didn't say - is whether the $50 max is including tax & tip. $50 final price before tax/tip is about $38 menu price, and that doesn't include beverages.

            Oceana has a $49 Prix fixe - it's not super-creative, the mains are just solidly prepared, if simple, seafoods, but it's good for what it is.

            Le Cirque has a $38 Prix Fixe in the Cafe - it's only 2 courses, no dessert included. Again, not terribly creative though - just French classics.

            Toloache - which is Midtown West, not East, but not a long walk - does creative takes on modern Mexican cuisine. They don't have a prix fixe that I know of, but a la carte it should be within budget.

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              thank you so much!!!! i will start researching them

              1. re: sgordon

                I like thesound of still a bit forma.....I would love this menu in a casual setting... for 40...but it iwll be my first option...unless you have anymore suggestions...thank you

                1. re: ut88keys

                  Neither Tocqueville nor Aquavit are formal, in that your husband won't need a jacket & tie in either, although he would not be out of place should he prefer to dress that way. The notable part of the ambiance at both restaurants is that you can carry on a conversation (hear & be heard). A definite plus over more casual venues.

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                  by the way we cannot have any alcohol per DRs orders....but 2 to three courses would suffice!

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                    Why not try some Hunan Dishes at Hunan Manor?

              2. I live in midtown east there are 2 neighbor hood restaurants that are outstanding. One is LaMangeoire the other is Luna Piena.