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Oct 21, 2012 10:17 PM

An evening at La Descarga

Can anyone who has spent an evening here describe it to me? Some friends are visiting from abroad and I want to show them a good time. Their website is masterfully understated. From what I understand, there is a $300 minimum for a party of four, which includes a bottle of rum, then cigars, etc. What is the seating area like? Is there entertainment? With all the booze and cigars it sounds more like a gentleman's evening out.

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  1. Went to a BD party there (for a notable L.A. chef). It's got a great feel of a funky, sexy, chic , contemporary speakeasy. You go upstairs, get checked in by a woman at a table, then she takes you to an armoir which she opens - which is a secret entrance to the club. Which is cool bar, cozy (it's not real big). They had dancers - like strippers, but they didn't strip, just an erotic dance, but not sleazy or cheesey. It was kinda hot actually.

    Seating area - I think there are two rooms - maybe another or I forgot. It was crowded, I was drunk. Main room in the bar (very cool bar) has some seating, then off to the side there are couches and club chairs. Quite comfortable, in the other room - not sure what it is normally like as they had a table with a roast pig, and chairs around the perimeter.

    1. Don't expect any food. Their minimalist web site: .

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          Do you have to do the $300 minimum thing, or can you just come for a few drinks?

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            I was only there for a going away party once, and it was hosted, so I don't know the answer to that question. (although I can't imagine a $300 per person minimum as a rule of thumb at this place - but then again I don't travel in those sorts of circles in any case)

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              you do not have to do the $300 min. just make a reservation for standing room. and do make a reservation as they will not let you in without one.


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            Yes, the roast pig I had was catered by the party hosts (Wolfgang Gussmack of 3 Square), not by the club. I'm not even sure they have kitchen facilities.

            Oh, and there's another, smaller bar in the back room.

          3. I've only been to the place once, on a saturday. I can't tell you anything about how it works on other nights. Let me say that no one would say that i am particularly hip. I went with my younger sister and her friends to celebrate my sister's birthday. they were dressed up and looked great. I got the feeling that the only reason i got in was because i was with them. there were more women there than men. I think they have a burlesque show every hour or so. immediately after the show, everyone starts dancing and having a great time. the 300 dollar minimum seemed to apply to the handful of tables. not necessary. As long as you don't need to sit down, you will be fine just standing and kicking it in between the shows, ordering drinks one at a time. i had posed a question on chowhound a few weeks before i went about which places around town specialize in spicy rum drinks. ppl recommended that i just go in and ask them to make me something spicy. that's what i did here and the bartender made me a fantastic drink. It's not the type of place i'll head back to anytime soon, but the vibe is great, the drinks were strong and solid and your out of town friends might really like it if they are into a bit of a scene.