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Oct 21, 2012 10:13 PM

Cheap Eats in Clark County

Any recommendations for the best cheap eats, taquerias, diners, delis, pizza, take out etc. in Vegas (off strip) and Henderson? I mean, besides Lotus of Siam. I've seen a few Henderson threads but they tend to be more sit-down type of places.

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  1. What do you consider to be cheap?

    1. When my DH and I were out in LV for a month, we ate breakfast almost every morning--and lunch a few times a week.--at the Omelet House in Henderson. Pretty sure they offer dinner, too? We loved it.

      Also,...and mind you, this is way back...we liked the Tacos el Gordo too, though both places I think are chains.

      We could eat well in both places, at the time, for under 20 for two, plus tip.

      1. The Four Kegs after midnight when they have half off pizzas, and strombolis.

        The Tap house has half off pizzas all weekend.

        Kerry's Sports Pub all you can eat ribs on Thursdays.

        Tiffany's Cafe

        What a Sub in Henderson