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Oct 21, 2012 09:56 PM

eating out in Quebec City

My son (9) and I will be in Quebec city for a few days. We are staying in the St Roch area. Any recs on lunch or dinner places dowtown. We are game for anything and happy to stroll around. The more eclectic the better but we are always on the look out for a great pain chocolat. Merci


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  1. There are a lot of interesting restaurants in St-Roch. You say eclectic, I think café Babylone (181 Saint-Vallier Est). Food from around the world. There's also La Cuisine, almost next door on St-Vallier. If ever there's paté chinois on the menu, you should try it, a classic Quebecois food.

    On the more fancy side (and more $), there's Gueule de Bois (St-Vallier also), Clocher penché (St-Joseph east corner Caron), Le Cercle (St-Joseph east) and L'affaire est Ketchup (St-Joseph east).

    There's 2 pizza places I like in that area, both on St-Joseph : pizzeria Gemini, for pizza with special ingredients and Piazetta for european style pizza.

    For breakfast pastries, try Croquembouche, also on St-Joseph. The selection is impressive.

    Everything is within no more than a 10 min walk from each other

    1. For pain au chocolat and other pastries, try Paillard on St. Jean