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Oct 21, 2012 06:40 PM

need your help- holiday entertaining

I will be hosting a holiday party this year for approx 18 of my girlfriends. The party will be on a Sunday about noon. Normally, we do a breakfast or brunch type menu. I could do a french toast casserole and a strata (both make ahead) and call it a day, but I'd like to change things up a bit this year. I was thinking maybe an afternoon tea or maybe offering soup along w/apps in the living room and then sitting down to salad and assorted quiches and of course pastries, cakes, etc w/coffee and tea for dessert. I live in a rather small townhome so, although I could do a sit down, it would be a bit cramped so I need to consider a buffet. As you can see, I'm all over the place. Please help! Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

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  1. You could do a granola parfait bar as part of the main. Or a BLT bar. Mini quiches, and pastries/ muffins also. Or a bagels and lox type bar. Those would be good buffet type ideas.

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      I had thought about a yogurt granola parfait bar. I like that idea and had forgotten about it. Thanks.

    2. You're welcome:) you can really have alot of fun with it, and it's very yummy, and pretty layered in a tall, fancy glass.

      1. Make a Swedish smorgasboard. You can make half a large salmon into gravlax (very easy, but need 4 days advance 'curing'), assorted cheeses, 2-3 kinds of meatballs in different sauces, an assortment of pickles/olives and several kinds of artisanal breads. You can follow this with small tea-type desserts - lemon tarts, pecan tarts, small scones/biscuits, etc. You can serve bloody mary mix or OJ to go with acquavit or vodka cocktails.