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Oct 21, 2012 06:03 PM

It's Getting Hot in Here

Hi all. I thought it would be interesting to canvas the Board to see what the hottest (or spiciest) dishes you have recently eaten in Montreal. I'm talking about the kind of heat that burns the lips, induces the sweats and instils outright fear of the consequences the next morning.

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  1. Easy. McKibbin's Rim Reaper Wings.

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    1. re: Shattered

      So they really are THAT spicy? Good to know :)

      1. re: artstate

        They're spicy in a way that's intended to overpower anything else that might be enjoyable about the dish, and they're quite liberally doused with the stuff. It's physically painful, really, and difficult to stomach. With that said, giv'erashot! :)

        1. re: afoodyear

          Haha, will probably give it a shot this year.

        2. re: artstate

          Yep. A friend of mine ate all 12 and he was in pain all night. You have to sign a waiver and they advise certain people against it, and they aren't kidding! I love spicy food (I put chili oil in my chili and have been known to turn my pho deep red with sriracha) but now I'm afraid to try. You could watch some videos, but this description of the pain is even more vivid (pretty much exactly my friend's experience):

      2. At Cuisine Szechuan on Guy - they have these hot peppers cooked in hot pepper oil, drizzled with hot sauce. Delicious but deadly.

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        1. re: captain_vegetable

          Yeah, I always love the moniker of fish or beef "boiled in water" ain't water: more of a fiery cauldron of lava with about an inch of chili oil, a few handfuls of dried peppers a coupla fistfuls of szechuan peppercorns thrown in for good measure.
          Its not a chemical burn like capsaicin extract (which I assume is an ingredient in some of the wicked wing sauces out there) but a somewhat enjoyable buildup of heat that'll have your ears ringing and head sweating.
          If you're non-Asian and want it hot, you usually have to tell the waitress that you *llike* it hot, not to hold back (they somtetimes dumb it down).

          1. re: porker

            Agreed, but this dish actually consisted ENTIRELY of large fresh hot peppers. Nothing else. Nothing to dumb it down. Our order came with the usual "Are you sure?" warning and the waitress told us (afterward) that it was the hottest thing on the menu. It didn't even have peppercorns to numb the pain. I love heat. My eyes were tearing.

            1. re: captain_vegetable

              Peppers cooked in peppers. That is insane.

              1. re: captain_vegetable

                Ahhh OK, its not the "boiled in water" dish, but a different dish altogether.

          2. Also Cuisine Szechuan - it was a cucumber and "something" jelly salad, the sauce was made with finely crushed chillies so there was no escaping the heat. I think I managed three bites or so, it was ridiculously hot compared to their "normal" spicy dishes (fish in chillies etc)