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Oct 21, 2012 05:21 PM

Good places for a group near queen and university

I'm going out for dinner this week with a small group of friends (5-7 of us in total) and was hoping to get suggestions for some fun but not too pricey restaurants near queen and university. It's a diverse group so a place with some variety would be nice as would a place that serves alcohol. I know nota bene gets mentioned quite a bit but I think it's a little too fancy for what we're looking for. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. Osgoode Hall Restaurant is right there and is very good:

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      1. re: T Long

        Doesn't Osgoode Hall only do lunch?

        +1 for QM

        1. re: MissBingBing

          Queen Mother seems appropriate for the group you're describing. As a bonus, if you're dining out on Tuesday (tomorrow), they're donating 34% of their sales that day to an arts organization to celebrate their 34th anniversary. Saw it on their homepage.

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            Yes, only lunch. I answered too quickly...thx for catching that.

        2. Baldwin street (near AGO, sort of) has a few good places for a group, if you don't mind the's closer to college and university. Johns Italian caffe, margaritas Mexican cantina, and a fe other interesting ones are along the little strip.

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            Never understood the appeal of John's. Nice patio, horrible pizza.

            1. re: MissBingBing

              Nor Margarita's. Yuck. I had some pretty gross food there before I finally wised up.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far everyone. I just wanted to add that since we're probably going to have around 7 people, I'd really like to find a place that takes reservations.

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              What about Khao San's a 10 minute walk, if that.

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                Except KSR doesn't do reservations last I heard .. Just for OPs info since OP said prefered reservations.

              2. re: kancevici

                Mercatto on Bay, Rodney's by Bay, Bannock and Volos all take reservations through , and are located within a 5-10 minute walk of Queen and University.

                Paese and Luma, both located on King W, are also within a 10-15 minute walk of Queen and University, and take reservations through .

                If you and your friends like Indian food, you could also consider Babur or Trimurti on Queen West, which is probably the most economical option near Queen and University. Both take reservations, AFAIK.

                Also see this recent thread:

              3. may i suggest getting a large format meal at Momofuku Daisho....depending on how big of eaters you guys are, the fried chicken would be nice, otherwise, the Bo Ssam is definitely more than plenty. It's also in a nice beautiful place.