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Oct 21, 2012 05:21 PM

Kenna's Diner in Henrieta (Rochester) great for Sunday Breakfast & Sticky Lips Barbecue

Just came home from Homecoming Weekend at RIT. Our son took us out for breakfast, even though we were quite happy with the breakfast at the Doubletree Hotel. But he took us to a real local place for breakfast - McKenna's Diner. I knew it would be good by the line out the door. We waited, and I'm glad that we did. I had the Grandma's breakfast, which was 2 eggs, bacon, two very fluffy pancakes, and homefries. My eggs were cooked perfectly, the bacon was lean and crispy. The homefries were good, not too greasy, and not overly seasoned. The star were those 2 fluffy pancakes which were light, not heavy. And I'm not even a pancake person! This 50's looking diner is only open until around 2 or 3 each day, so it only serves breakfast and lunch. I will be going back, it puts the local chains near the campus to shame! If you're in the area, their address is 4018 West Henrietta Road.

Anyone ever try their lunch? I'm thinking that it's probably a good place for a burger, it reminded me of a malt shop.

For dinner, we tried Sticky Lips barbecue. The ribs were the star of the night. I tried all of their barbecue sauces, and I liked the NY apple one which is surprising. I like that the sauces are on the table so you can try them all. My son had the burger with pulled pork on top, but found that it was "too big", too much meat. He pulled some off and then liked it. Mac and cheese side was only average. Their chili was good, and because I got extra jalepenos it was spicy enough. My husband had a burger too, and he enjoyed his, which had cheese and chili. Overall we liked it. Maybe the Dinosaur has slightly better tasting ribs and also fried green tomatoes, which at Sticky Lips were too bready. Too much breading. But Dinosaur is always too crowded and noisy, and Sticky Lips was much more relaxing. And it's closer to the campus. Well worth trying.

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