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Oct 21, 2012 04:09 PM

Smoked Salmon - Best in London?

Where can one find the best Smoked Salmon served in London? I'm looking for a place that serves it rather than where I can buy it. I've had the smoked salmon at the Wine Bar at Fortnum and Mason and it was very good, but would like to know where else the local chowhounds recommend and who has the best. Thanks London Hounds!

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  1. I can't say for sure it is the best in London, but my guess is Wilton's on Jermyn Street (not far from Fortnum's back door) serves the most expensive.

    A serving of Smoked wild Scottish salmon from H. Forman's & Son is 28 pounds:

    1. The Mall Tavern in Notting Hill smoke their own Salmon which is very good and a lot cheaper than wiltons! (I think around £9)

      Hix smoke their own too which I think you can get in any of his restaurants which is pretty good (which you can also buy in Selfridges)

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          On a cautionary note, had an awful awful awful awful meal at the Mall Tavern last weekend. Horrible food, terrible service, in a freezing cold (yet otherwise quite delightful) setting.

          Hix make great smoked salmon.

          My suggestion would be to fly to the west coast of Canada, and have some there -- atlantic Salmon pales in comparison!

        2. my favourite is from stoke newington smokery hansen & lydersen - it has a wonderful depth of flavour

          i tend to buy it at broadway market (to eat there or bring home) but their website lists restauants that they supply incl. nopi and viajante

          1. I'm very fond of the smoked salmon stall at the Maltby Street Market: -- the same folks abby d mentioned.

            Like the Hix version too.

            1. If you get fed up with going out, stock up on anything smoked from the Inverawe smokery. Absolutely the best.