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Oct 21, 2012 03:46 PM

Any solution to malt vinegar induced soggy fries?

I'm planning to fry up a batch of fries tonight. I love them piping hot and crispy but ever since a trip to England love them with malt vinegar. I actually haven't used it in a while, and was reminded what a great combination it is via another post on Chowhound and immediately acquired a bottle. My memory is that I love the taste of the malt vinegar, but always hated the transition of the fries into a soggy mess. Any solution to this? Would it work to pour some in a ramekin and dip fries or add it to the ketchup (if so, how much)? Thanks.

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  1. Use an atomizer to spray the fries. You actually dont even have to spray the fries if you dont want to, you can spray the vinegar in the air with an atomizer and eat your fries and you'll still "taste" the vinegar

    1. Ditto fleur de lis ..................
      I just don't understand why you'd use ketchup and malt vinegar. I might use on or the other but not both together.

      1. I've been mulling over a mayo-based solution to this problem - a mayo based dipping sauce with lots of malt vinegar and just enough mayo to give it some body. Using xanthan gum as a thickener would also bring the vinegar itself up to a dipping consistency without changing the flavor the way cornstarch or something like that would.

        1. You could use Malt Vinegar Powder. It is available from many Food and Spice Purveyors

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            Yea, I just read about this "Malt Salt." Anyone actually prefer soggy fries?

          2. At what time during the preparation is the malt vinegar being added? The fries should be prepared without adding the malt vinegar. Have individual small dishes or bowls in which the vinegar is poured when the fries are served. Each diner can then briefly dip each fry just before inserting it in his/her mouth. As you probably can tell, I didn't understand the process in your post.

            I use malt vinegar with the fried fish that usually are served with 'chips', the British equivalent of French fries.

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              Nothing special - prepare fries, when finished, put in a bowl, sprinkle with vinegar and then will often dip in ketchup.

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                Forget the ketchup! Ketchup will overpower the vinegar.

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                  Nah - ketchup just adds to the yumminess - though I do put my ketchup on the side of my chippie and dip the vinegared chips in.

                  What you need to try is something that coming from the West of Scotland I think is disgusting, but my Edinburgh friends love - that is salt and 'sauce' on your chips. Mix vinegar with HP sauce - I think you get that OK in the states - and that is what Edinburgers call sauce - an acquired taste but a local delicacy..!!