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Oct 21, 2012 03:10 PM

HELP! Key Largo/Tavernier anniversary dinner plans fell through

Hi all-

We are in the Tavernier area to celebrate our 25th (!) wedding anniversary and I need your help! we were planning on booking a private sunset dinner cruise on our actual anniversary, but it seems it will be way too windy this week for that to work (at least that is the advice we are gettIing). So, we would like to go someplace special to celebrate. We would be going Weds night, and have already been in the Keys for over a week. We ate at Ziggy and Mad Dogs already (LOVED). Price is no barrier, and we eat just about any cuisine, except Japanese. I have done some searching and see Tasters is highly regarded, and have also heard good things about Old Tavernier. Thoughts? Advice? Should we take our chances with the sail?

This CT chowhound appreciates your input!

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  1. First off, Happy Anniversary! Now, as for boating . . . unless the wind lays down and it becomes calmer, the sunset cruise is not going to be an enjoyable event. It will be choppy and rough. There are several places I like to go that offer great sunset views. Tasters is in a shopping center and doesn't offer true waterfront dining, but it does have good food and will not let you down. It runs on the pricer side with locals. In Islamorada, there is Morada Bay which offers great outside, waterfront dining. On the same site, their "sister" restaurant is Pierre's and it is exceptional. Bear in mind that at Pierre's everything is ala carte, which can make the meal pricey, but the food and service is spot on. At either Pierre's or Morada Bay, DO NOT tell them it is an anniversary event or they may attempt to charge you an event fee. This is especially true if you are part of a large party. I've had several people walk out because of the fee. Maybe that has changed, but I am not sure. My personal favorite "go-to" restaurant is Lazy Days. They make fish or chicken that is "Lazy Days Style" and I can't get enough of it. They are on the oceanside, so there is no sunset, but their patio is directly over the Atlantic. There are many great choices in the Keys, and I hoe you find that perfect spot to celebrate your 25th!



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      I would second Tracy's recommendation of Pierre's for such a special event. Morada Bay is in a beautiful, unique setting with beachfront dining and gorgeous sunsets. Pierre's has similar views but is inside as opposed to on the beach. I would recommend a drink at Morada Bay before dinner to enjoy the sunset and then dinner at Pierre's.

    2. Thanks for the advice, and well wishes! We decided against Pierres, after much discussion and debate. Partly we were concerned about the weather, since we have Sandy bearing down on us all. We wound up at Chef Michaels, and were very pleased. Service was great, food was fantastic, and the wine flowed ;). I think we may have been the only 'visitors' there, since everyone seemed to know each other, but that was no issue for us. We leave tomorrow (hopefully), but plan on returning to enjoy more of the Keys lifestyle- we have truly loved our 2 weeks here.

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        Glad you had a nice trip and evening. Happy anniversary!!