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Oct 21, 2012 03:08 PM

Upcoming itinerary with a couple of specific questions...

Portland, OR hounds coming to your fine city for our 4th visit. I have used this board to research our itinerary for each trip and am grateful for the quality info available.

Below I will post our itinerary (mostly dinners and all reserved), but I have a couple of questions I would like some help with:

1. I believe this is white truffle season, so I am wondering if anyone has had any particularly memorable dishes this month featuring the truffle at any restaurants listed below.

2. We have eaten at per se in the salon previously and at the French Laundry and we have always left an additional tip on top of the meal price (which includes service). Wondering if that is what other diners do as well and, if so, how much do you generally leave (percentage)?

Thursday, Oct 25:
DB Bistro Moderne (pre-theater)
Lantern's Keep post-theater (reserved)

per se


Jean-Georges (lunch)



open (we will probably need a break)

Picholine (very excited that they opened again)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was just at Lantern's Keep last night. Try to sit at the bar if you want to converse with the bartenders. It's an intimate space and if you're into cocktails, they can do a lot of off-menu selections. They also just refreshed their menu with many new drinks -- 40 in total. Great bar, great space, great bartenders. They make as much as possible in house, including juicing fresh pineapples daily.

    Also, I believe the white truffle supplement at Per Se is $175 again, like last year.

    I've had wonderful white truffle dishes at Eleven Madison Park. This year, their new sister restaurant, the NoMad, is offering a popular EMP dish from last year with white truffles. I think it's a $115 supplement on tagliolini. If you're a truffle fan, you probably want to go to the NoMad anyway, to try the incredibly delicious, drool-worthy, roast chicken with black truffles, brioche, and foie gras!

    See also this list from Eater:

    Also look into B&B's white truffle burger. I just posted about a different burger that I had there today for lunch, and burger that I did try was stellar.

    I notice that you don't really mention many casual or breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurants in your itinerary...?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks, kathryn, that is a great link to restaurants serving truffle dishes! The chicken dish at NoMad sounds incredible!

      As for breakfast/brunch/lunch, we won't have any calories left, so no plan to eat!! ;-) We are staying on the UWS (77th & Broadway), so I have researched breakfast places in that area (Sarabeths, Cafe Deux Margot, we are also OK with coffee and a pastry). For other breakfasts/brunches & lunches, I have tried to compile a list to choose from when we are out and about. On the list: Russ & Daughters, Katz, Barney Greengrass, Momofuku Ssam Bar (duck over rice, pork buns), Ippudo, Keste, Motorino, Breslin.

      Re: Lantern's Keep, we are 4 people. Will we have trouble getting a seat at the bar?

      Thanks. I enjoy your encyclopedic knowledge of the food/drink scene in NYC!

      1. re: cobpdx

        I pasted last year's link (fixed above), here's this year's Eater list, BTW:

        Also don't forget that Barney Greengrass is closed Mondays.

        Lantern's Keep's bar only has 4 seats, so you'll probably end up with a table. But you can still tell them what kind of drink you prefer and they can make something to your preferences (boozy vs refreshing, shaken vs stirred, up vs on the rocks vs long).