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Oct 21, 2012 02:44 PM

Lunch near Riverside National Cemetary

I will be driving from Riverside National Cemetery on the 91 to Anaheim. Is there a reasonable place for lunch. Closer to RNC is better. RNC is on Van Buren .

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  1. You didn't say I hope this is not too late. I live in this area of Riverside.. and sad to say there is not much to choose from. Outside of the usual chains (Cocos, IHOP, Applebees, Chilis, Dennys, etc, which I would avoid, there are only a few local places.

    The closest to the cemetary is the Mexican Kitchen, authentic, reasonably priced food. 17028 Van Buren (in the Stater Bros Center) 951-780-2034 . Also Romano's (Chicago Style Italian) 285 E. Allesandro 951-780-7399

    If you are willing to go closer to the 91FWY (near the Tyler Galleria) , I would recommend Ancho's Southwestern Bar and Grill 10773 Hole 951-352-0240 Great grilled shrimp and fantastic homemade tortillas. More toward downtown Riverside, near the Riverside Plaza is Market Broiler ( very good seafood, if a bit noisy) on Merrill 951-276-9007.

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      Thanks. I'll save that info for next time.

      Is market Broiler a chain? There is one with the same name is Orange.

      1. re: foodell

        They are not a national chain, but they have a few So Cal locations including one at Ontario Mills.

        1. re: SoCalSpice

          if its the same as the one in Orange, its a great value for lunch. And pretty inexpensive good sea food for dinner.

      2. re: SoCalSpice

        Here is my cue: I love the Swedish pancakes at IHOP, my go to place and choice when in culinary wasteland. And even when not. Yeah, some times it means breakfast food for lunch or dinner but they are that good as a treat no matter.

        1. re: glbtrtr

          I live close to RNC too. It's pretty sad when the best we can do is recommend IHOP. There's a couple of place up by Washington and Van Buren, Crem De La Crem Bakery, the sandwich shop next door ( I forgot the name) has some tasty Onion Rings. There's a Sushi (I don't recall it's name either) place in the little shopping center on the corner of Wood and Van Buren thats fairly decent.
          I love Mexican food, though I'm not a fan of the Mexican Kitchen or of Anchos. For a great burger try Johnny's Burgers on the corner of Madison and Indiana, next to the 91.
          I guess I need to try IHOP again, it's been a few years. :)