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Eating out on Thanksgiving 2012

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I thought we might start a 2012 thread to avoid confusion with older threads. What restaurants do you know are open for Thanksgiving? These are some from OpenTable. I could only find a couple with their Thxgiving menus already up, but I'm sure more will appear closer to the holiday.

- French Garden will have a Thanksgiving buffet from noon to 6p: http://frenchgardenrestaurant.com/wp-...
- Central Market

- Girl & Fig
- Grill @Meadowood

- Madrona Manor
- Matteos

- Brix
- Domaine Chandon
- La Toque
- Lucy @Bardessono
- Solbar

- Artisan Bistro has a 3-course for $59:

- Pican
- Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill is open (altho I wouldn't personally recommend them, LOL
)- Miss Pearl's Jam House
- Marzano on Park

- Five @Hotel Shattuck
- Zut!

San Francisco has a lot of restaurants to choose from: 100 just on OpenTable. And a lot of the ethnic restaurants are open, too - several of Oakland's Chinese and Ethiopian/Eritrean places are listed open on Thanksgiving.

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  1. I called several restaurants to check up on their T-giving menus in order to write the Chowhound Digest thread on 2012 Thanksgiving dinner out: http://www.chow.com/food-news/127336/...

    Most didn't have their menus confirmed yet, but did confirm they were open on Thanksgiving and serving a turkey dinner. I didn't know that Elite serves frozen biscuits as a take-out option, so I may take them up on that. I heard a lot of good first-person accounts of One Market's dinner, though I've never been. We did Big 4 one year and found it a little too stodgy for our tastes.

    1. Auberge in St. Helena is said to have a really nice one. I know more than one family that's made it their yearly dinner.

      1. Sonoma's Depot Hotel just put up their Thanksgiving menu on the web:

        1. Opentable special menu list (which does not include all the places on OT that are open that day): http://www.opentable.com/promo.aspx?m...

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            I've been looking at the available restaurants, and trying to cross-reference with reviews, but am not seeing anything too great. We will be coming up from Monterey for Thanksgiving to San Fran (staying near Union Square, but willing to take public transportation or a cab for a good rec). Prefer more options than just a prix fixe meal, blend of traditional and non-traditional options. Any ideas? Also, are there any live Q&As (chat-like) with the food critics in the area?

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              Traditional AND non might be tricky, places that are open tend to limit options. Maybe look into Zare at Fly Trap and Ame.

          2. Luce in the Hotel Intercontinental is open.

            1. Do folks know specific non-Open Table restaurants that are open in SF proper? Especially the Mission.

              My husband is on call on Thanksgiving, so we have to be near the hospital (e.g. can't do our traditional meal at home) and need flexibility on time. We are a bit limited for the Open Table prix fixe menus because we have two members of our family with Celiac disease, so cannot have gluten - difficult for some thanksgiving menus. we are fine with ethnic restaurants - but not Chinese given the gluten issue.

              Also an option is take out traditional Thanksgiving that can be picked up warm on Thursday. My husband's toaster oven in his office won't heat dinner for 5. Seems like all the grocery options are reheat and most are pick-up on Wednesday, which is a non-starter.

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                Depending on how serious the Gluten Free restriction is you might try:

                Plutos has two locations that allow for individual hot meals to pick up. They cook turkeys without stuffing in them, and you can pick and chose between a number of sides.

                You can also drop into a place like Tommy's Joint or Lefty O'Douls, if Hofbrau casual has any appeal on the holiday.

                The hotel options like Campton Place are usually reliable for a last minute option.

                You can check if Firefly or Frances are hosting Thanksgivings. They're not in the MIssion, but close.

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                  You might want to call Bodega Bistro and see if they will be open. My celiac friends love Vietnamese food, Bodega Bistro has a nice atmosphere and some big round tables that are good for groups.

                2. Bask will be open, saw a sign on the door last night. I think it said $69.

                  1. Chatpatta Corner (34751 Ardenwood Blvd Fremont) posted on FB that it will be open on Thanksgiving Day.