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Oct 21, 2012 02:25 PM

Breville Food Processor

Has anyone used a Breville food processor? I am equipping a demonstration kitchen and the stores owner has told me to go ahead and buy what ever I think we will need. I saw it in the Breville catalog and was intrigued.

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  1. Haven't got a Breville food processor, but we have Breville's toaster oven as well as their stand mixer, and both are wonderfully designed, quite exceptional performers. I have an old Cuisinart FP that's starting to show its age (30+ years), and will definitely look at getting a Breville when it's time to replace it.

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      Interesting. I also have the Breville SmartOven (convection toaster oven), and it is probably my smartest appliance purchase ever. When the latest Cuisinart food processor came out, I replaced my old one, which was still working. I kind of regret it, as the new machine is huge, and I'm not sure it works any better, plus it's harder to clean. The three nested bowls are really more of a PIA than an asset. And I really don't use a FP that much, so having this big one isn't really worth it to me. I hope someone who has actually used the Breville FP will post up.

    2. Candy,

      Have you looked at the 20 cup Cuisinart DLC XL? No multiple size bowls but it is strong and powerful. There is also the MagiMix, made in France.