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Oct 21, 2012 09:23 AM

Shandong Deluxe, San Francisco

I visited Shandong Deluxe yesterday to check out the noodles. (I did a blog post, which I won't link because it's verboten to do so). Bottom line is big portions, fresh house-made (but not hand-pulled) noodles. Jiaozi are entirely hand-made and probably worth checking out.

There are two Xinjiang Uyghur standards on the noodle menu, Xinjiang Da Pan Ji (surprising that it's on the noodle portion of the menu) and Xinjiang Ban Mian (a. k. a. lagman). The latter is identified in English as "Sam Sun Noodles," which is very confusing because Sam Sun noodles are a Korean dish.

Here's the noodle menu:

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  1. Hey, soupcon, it's okay to put your blog URL in the signature per CH etiquette page: "There is a location for your blog information in your user profile. You may also announce your web site or blog via a one-line "sig" beneath your postings which includes the URL of the main page and (optionally) the name of the blog. There is no automated way to do this -- you must type it on each post where you wish to include it." If you did that, we could search for your entry on Shandong Dx :-).

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      Thanks. We'll see how long this sticks around.

      Full Noodle Frontity

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        I think it's okay to do that but here's the permalink to the bit about blogger etiquette in case you want to have a read through it:

    2. Thanks to your recommendation I tried this place tonight. Got the Lagman noodles. Quite a surprise as they gave off a strong "italian food" vibe. Choice of lamb or beef. Picked lamb. The pieces of lamb, though not as pervasive as I would have hoped, were really tasty. Onions, mushrooms, bellpepper rounded things out. Sauce is tomato based. Noodles were very firm.
      Vegetarian dumpling were good. Greens blended with tofu(?). Not overly garlicky as some vegetarian dumplings can be.
      Lamb skewers were the hit of the night. Great pepper/cumin spice mixture. 4 large skewers for $6.50. Only a little fat, and what was there was delicious. Definitely like these more than at San Dong House.
      Catch was, it was freezing inside the restaurant and our food got cold almost immediately.

      Lagman noodles:
      Lamb Skewers

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        I returned for lunch today to try the Xinjiang Ban Mian myself, also choosing the lamb. It was a huge portion for one person, really big enough for two. I got the tomato sauce vibe too, and only wished it had been made spicier. (It's hard to distribute chili oil throughout a "dry" noodle dish after the fact).

        The skewers look great. I'm convinced there must be a Xinjiangren on the team, though I haven't yet figured out who. They all look Han to me.

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          My husband and I went tonight per soupcon's recommendations and it was fantastic. We had the lamb xinjiang ban mian as well, with an order of shrimp and pork (steamed) dumplings. We were very full, all for $17 with tip.

          We sat by the door and didn't have an issue with the restaurant being cold... So maybe it was just a weird cold night when you went, kairo?

          We're definitely going to come back and try the other noodle dishes. I like the surprise of not knowing what to expect!

      2. Went back with a larger group. We shared the Xinjiang Da Pan Ji. This is a large plate of diced tender bone in chicken (the chicken seemed freshly cooked and was not dried out), potatoes, a little bell pepper, whole dried chili peppers and large chunks of ginger and garlic. Tons of flavor in the sauce. It's sweet. It's spicy. It's a bit numbing. A good amount of peppercorns that though shared similarity to szechuan peppercorns seemed a little less numbing and oddly reminiscent of juniper berries. Oh and it's on a bed of thick wide wheat noodles. I loved it. It may be 19.99, but it was very large and was a perfect portion to split between 4 people.

        Also tried the "Beef Pancake". I really enjoyed this. It was not thin. Half inch thick maybe. Seemed to be made from layers of dough and ground beef. The irregularity of the thickness of the dough was a plus in my book. The best part was that it was fried to a crisp on the outside yet quite juicy on the inside. Yet another large portion. My friend commented that it tasted oddly European. I've had various kinds of Chinese beef pies over the years, and these were quite distinct.

        Had the pork and green chives dumplings and they were a hit as well. I'm not as picky about dumpling skins as some folks on here, so I can't ever claim to vouch for them, but the fillings were some of the more flavorful I've had.

        Had to get the lamb skewers again. I can't handle spicy food at all, and these are definitely on a threshold of pleasure/pain for me but I can't imagine not getting them. As long as they keep making them the same way, they will always remind me of spending New Years eve in Lijiang in Yunnan China.

        Oh. and it wasn't as cold, so the food stayed warmer (also probably ate faster as I was with a small group.)

        Definitely same owners as San Dong House and Dong Bei Mama.
        In my opinion, it is way better than San Dong House (who were great for a short while). Kind of a merging of the two places. (Saw the owner of those places eating with staff here)
        I hope they keep up the quality and the giant portions.

        Sorry about the lack of pictures. I get too excited and always forget.

        1. Just a note -- I went by there hoping for bowl of noodles for lunch today and found out they are open for dinner only on Monday and Tuesday. Or, as the sign on the door said, "17:00-9:30"

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            That seems like a typo on their part. I was there just on Friday night.
            Most likely they are closed Monday and Tuesday at some point.

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              Sorry for the confusion. I meant that on Monday and Tuesday they are open for dinner but not for lunch. They are open for dinner every night.

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              Mrs. Wineguy and I dropped in today, Tuesday, for lunch. The menu states they are open 7 days, 11:00 AM-9:30 PM. We loved our lunch and will definitely return.
              We ordered the Lamb Skewers, addictive, and made me crave a cold beer (which they don't serve). Pork Dumplings with Spinach were very plump and juicy. The wrappers seemed a little gummy, maybe from too long in the steamer? Beef Pan Cake was crisp, thick, rich and meaty. Lamb Noodle was great as it is getting cold today. Chunks of lamb, pieces of bok choy and slices of shiitake as well as toothsome noodles in a very lamb-y broth.
              I didn't notice if anyone posted this information in this thread, but the restaurant is cash only.

            3. Sunday lunch time at Shandong Deluxe turned out to be a full house.

              tried the fish steam dumplings, 12 big ones the size of potsitckers.(6.95) they had a slight fish taste with some chives. not a dumpling fan, it tasted ok.

              lamb noodles(6.95)

              -had fresh tasting pieces of lamb, veggies, some noodles.

              -broth mixture of star anise, szechwan mustard and msg flavorings

              -noodles supposedly hand pulled were very tender, not chewy, no elasticity.

              specialiies posted on window: xiao long bao, steam dumplings, won ton soups, hand pulled noodles, small plates, northern style, shandong breads, etc.

              noticed portions were big.