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Oct 21, 2012 12:30 PM

Hush puppies recipe request

Dear all,

A few months after moving to the Triangle, I finally got a chance to go to Allen and Son in Chapel Hill. What struck me most about this visit was not the pork but rather the HUSH PUPPIES. My god were they amazing. They were round and crusty and sweet and creamy, and undoubtedly the best hush puppies I have ever had in my life.

I have since been to the Allen and Son in Pittsboro also but discovered that that location does not make the same hush puppies as the one in Chapel Hill. So I ask you all: does anyone have a recipe which comes close to imitating the hush puppies at Allen and Son in Chapel Hill? I NEED to learn how to make these. The closest I can find is this:


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  1. I was going to say that buttermilk is key but I see your recipe has that.

    I probably would leave out the sugar but I doubt that little bit makes much difference. One place we like serves a very sweet hush puppy that is nice for a change.

    My only advice would be to experiment some with the hydration of the batter. Maybe experiment some with the size of dice and amount of onion. 1/2 small vidalia onion is a pretty loose measurement.

    Went back and read the recipe again. EGG! that's whats missing. Add a whole egg to your batter and reduce the amount of buttermilk.

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      Awesome. I'll definitely give it a try. The egg idea sounds promising! Thanks.

    2. Why don't you just call A&S one morning before the lunch rush, and ask Keith Allen if he would share his recipe? By the way, the 2 restaurants, despite having the same name, are not owned or operated by the same people.

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        I was thinking about this. I'm almost too embarrassed. I feel like I need to accumulate a few more visits before I get enough "local" cred to even ask FOR Keith!

        And thanks about the fact about the two restaurants being different. Their food seemed so different (different hush puppies, different slaw, etc.) that it makes complete sense now. But I wonder why they share the same name then...

      2. This is not going to be helpful unless someone with a better memory reads this: MANY years ago I heard a radio (almost certainly NPR) discussion of what method needed to be followed in order to make really good, authentic hush puppies. I was driving at the time, unable to jot anything down, and have zero recollection of the details. The people sounded like they knew their stuff. If anyone knows what I am referring to, please share the details.

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          I will offer up this shameless plug for my brother's hush puppies recipe which was published in Garden and Gun - sounds like it shares manynofbthe elements you are describing. :)

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            Yum! The recipe looks really good!