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Oct 21, 2012 12:19 PM

Breakfast and Lunch options in or near Rio?

So you've just arrived in Vegas, collected your rental car at the airport and gotten yourself checked in at Rio (not first choice of hotels but it is what it is). It's 2:30pm and Spouse is getting cranky from the stress of travel and from not having eaten since breakfast.

To put Spouse back into a festive mood and get your Las Vegas holiday off to a good start, where would you go for a fairly quick but decent, budget-friendly late lunch, or a hearty snack to hold you over until dinner time?

We'll be heading straight for the Strip, with Caesar's as our first stop to pick up show tickets. Must be some good options there...?

In many, many trips to LV, this is our first stay at Rio. Can someone please help with suggestions for a good breakfast nearby? We have a car but might want to go somewhere within walking distance on the Strip. Offerings at Rio don't look all that promising though hopefully one can get a semi-decent cup of coffee at Starbucks first thing in the am.

Your help on this is much appreciated, thanks in advance everyone.

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  1. What do you consider to be budget friendly? Are you looking for a particular type of food or any foods off limits?

    1. There is a Starbucks in the back of the Rio, near the entrance to the pools, that is quiet and comfortable.

      My first thought is that if I wanted a good, inexpensive lunch, I'd walk five minutes over to the Gold Coast and have dim sum (or "regular" Chinese food) at Ping Pang Pong or if I felt like a hot pot, Noodle Exchange.

      I'm not that wild about the lunch possibilities at Caesars proper (I'm not a fan of Mesa Grill or Rao's or the other places at the hotel that are open for lunch.). For a quick bite, I usually go to the salad place in the food court. If you are starving, the new Bacchanalia buffet might be a possibility if the lines aren't too long (sure to make your significant other even crankier!).

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Thank you Eric and Dave for your quick responses, much appreciated.

        The Gold Coast is a good suggestion I wouldn't have thought to try.

        I consider budget -friendly for a fast lunch or snack to be very roughly $15pp. Hoping for a good deli-type sandwich or burger, or a good main-course salad, Asian food is a good option also, or pasta. Another possibility would be a happy hour with good bar food if there are any you'd recommend starting 3pm-ish. A microbrew and some sliders would be perfect for SO.

        We eat just about everything as long as it is freshly prepared. Only thing off-limits are buffets, SO hates them (Dave, you've met my SO? Small world, lol), fast pseudo-food such as BK or McD's, and doughnuts.

        Thanks again, I know there are good places around, the trick is finding them...

        1. re: SueBee2

          24/7 Cafe at the Palms, which is very close the Rio, has specials 10 AM – 10 PM
          HAM STEAK & EGGS | $3.99
          NY STEAK & EGGS | $6.99
          PRIME RIB with Mashed or Loaded Baked Potato | $6.99

          1. re: SueBee2

            McCormick and Schmicks, about a ten minute drive east of the Rio, has a happy hour menu that starts at 3:00 pm.

            1. re: Eric

              KJs dim sum at the Rio was excellent and not at all expensive. As a transplanted San Franciscan, with a daughter who married into a Chinese family and lives in Hong Kong, I have been fortunate to be exposed to a lot of dim sum and believe it's the best we've found in Las Vegas.

            2. re: SueBee2

              If you travel North from Rio on Valley View to Spring Mountain (about 2 miles), you will be in the heart of Chinatown.

              1. re: lv1964

                Great suggestions all, thank you!

                Alan, thank you - Yank Sing was our benchmark for dim sum when I lived in SF. I see that KJ's is well-reviewed, will give them a try for sure, and the Palms for breakfast.

                McC&S sounds just right for a stop on the way back from visiting the Hoover Dam.

                Anyone have suggestions for places on the Strip? We're looking forward to strolling and enjoying the glitter and glam that is Vegas, but need to keep up our strength, lol. Haven't been to City Center since it opened, at that time it was pretty empty but surely it is occupied now. Any good spots there?

                Again, thanks everyone!