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Oct 21, 2012 11:22 AM

Tasty late lunch in Boro Park

In boro park for a few hours , any decent restaurant to have a late milchig lunch?

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  1. orchidea. hands down, orchidea.

    1. i agree with Marissaj,but if you are already on 13th Id just go to Spoons to avoid parking hassles

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      1. re: ettilou

        When I was in BP a few months ago I really liked Blue Dish. Cafeteria style, very casual, inexpensive. Food was great, though.

        1. re: Miri1

          Where is Blue Dish , what kind of food do they serve?

        2. re: ettilou

          +1 for Spoons. Just be sure you sit in the rear and not up front with all the noise.

        3. definitely orchidea, although i'm personally partial to pizza at any of the 13th avenue places. not fancy, maybe not even very "foodie" good, but it brings back great memories!

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          1. re: ahuva

            Blue Dish Cafe is at 4905 13th ave. Milchig. They have fish, pasta, pizza, salads. It's cafeteria style where you select what you want from the display case and they heat it up for you.l portions are enormous and the food was really fresh and tasty. One day I ordered the cheese lasagna and when the server handed it to me I said that I had only ordered one portion but that the plate looked like it contained two. He replied that this WAS only ONE. Thats how big it was.